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Dec 5, 2017
Not sure where to post this or if it's even worth posting... Was thinking about making a theme park blog for YouTube featuring bgw pretty extensively with construction updates, news, reviews, etc.

Most vlogs I find on youtube are Orlando based and I feel that there should be more for both bgw and KD.

If any of you do these already, any pointers to myself or those who are considering the same thing?


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Jan 5, 2018
Little late to the party.

I'd suggest running it very similarly to the channel J-Forces, except of course uploading much more frequently with a heavier focus on BGW and KD.

Separate the series CLEARLY like construction updates, news, reviews, and full walk-through during different events. Have playlists on the channel setup to hold each series. That way if someone is just there to see a seasonal walk-through, they don't have to filter through all the other content that doesn't interest them.

Basically, focus on the layout of the channel and the detail more so than the general content. Since there are endless places to find the content, focus on having a smart layout as well as having frequent detailed updates about BGW and KD, since very few people will actually go into detail about these places. The goal is to be different than other channel's providing the same general content, while also not differing so much that people are thrown off.

In the end, it is your channel. People will go there because of you. So if your personality is able to carry a channel, all you need is to lay it out properly, you should be fine.
Apr 9, 2013
Most vlogs are Orlando based because there's a fuckton of people going to Orlando on a regular basis, year round. BGW is niche and seasonal. I'm not dissuading you from starting a channel but I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't really get many views.

That being said, I'd watch it.
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Oct 24, 2009
I'm not a fan of the troughs... Urination isn't an activity I consider communal. Also, I've noticed a steady decline in the use of urinal cakes, presumably because the younger generation would eat them for viral video challenges. Also: Pink > Blue
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