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Sep 23, 2009
TrevorBondi said:
I haven't seen it yet. In what ways does the park lie to us? I'd like to know more in case I can't get a copy of it for myself!
The most blatant and obvious was the monologue by Carl Lum that Mazakman mentioned. I'm pretty sure at least four different upper-level park employees have managed to take complete credit for Food & Wine thus far with some nauseatingly touching story of their own. It's so ridiculous at this point.
Apr 12, 2010
I'd also be willing to pay someone for a copy of this if they can pick one up for me.  History of the park is very important to me...even if alot of this 'documentary' contains lies.  I'm kinda numb to them at this point, sadly.  I think it royally SUCKS that they're only making a small amount of these DVD's.  I guess they aren't in business to make money??

I'm most disappointed that they can't look at the historical footage...and see with their own eyes what made the park fantastic.  And how much of what made the park fantastic has been stripped from the park over the years.  And how many things that have returned for this year FROM the past are being enjoyed by visitors to the park.


Nessie thinks it is not polite to ask her age!
Sep 28, 2013
The Pesto Panini is totally worth the cost of a platinum pass. The park has completely re-defined how a panini comes together! It is as artful as it is a delectable treat!
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Sep 20, 2013
I 100% agree as I'm a huge fan of HOS, but, considering an event such as HOS has been going on for almost 20 years now, in a couple of years there might be enough material to produce a documentary about a specific events such as HOS or all of the events in general. This documentary was scraping the surface of the park as it was supposed to appeal to even the guest who visit maybe once or twice a year. I'm not going to post a review of the film as I get to mushy about how the park has been like a second home and how it has affected me throughout my life... I've talked to the director of the film and he was telling me Joel Manby and several others enjoyed the film and that there is a really good chance SWP&E might ask them to make more films. BGW had worked the film company last year for a six minute ad featuring the park and WC.
Jun 7, 2011
If the documentary was a bit longer, I would've like to see a bit more detailed history, and more old footage rather than the new items. While seeing how they "came up" with the new attractions is great, the nostalgia of the history would've been more riveting for the documentary!

Although I do LOVE how they captured the pure essence of how the park is a second home and a safe haven to most of us!
Apr 7, 2012
I watched the whro thing. It is pledge time. Some dude named Carl was there.

I wanted more history. Questar was cool and not one mention. They filmed a water fall with a remote helicopter. Most of the good stuff is over before it starts.


Silver Donor
Oct 25, 2009
So there was only 300 made? How might someone like myself attain one if I live in Raleigh and can't get to the park anytime soon? :(


Nessie thinks it is not polite to ask her age!
Sep 28, 2013
I expect you may be shit out of luck, unless they are not sold out and someone buys a copy and mails it to you.
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