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Aug 19, 2013
Italy bathrooms were very cold. Plus, I have never understood those urinals. Not only weird looking, seems like a huge waste of water.

I am trying to remember which bathroom seemed to have only one out of the four available motion activated faucets working in the mens room. I believe it was the England bathrooms near the Globe.

I really wish they would change all of the manual flushers to automatic.
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Feb 9, 2013
The banners outside of Il Teatro di San Marco have finally been put up this weekend, after being missing this whole season so far. Not only have they been put back out, but they seem to have gotten a fresh paint job. Could they potentially even have been replaced? Who knows.


Also, the water pressure of the center spout in the fountain at Da Vinci's Garden of inventions has been increased so now you can actually see it above the edges. It really looks beautiful, if only it didn't have to be covered up with tacky decorations for half the season.(hopefully that'll change soon)

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