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The best digger in Cairo
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Jan 5, 2018
Was just laying here thinking about how the Project Madrid thread is just becoming a trash boat and one of the best pickup lines I've ever thought up popped into my head;

Some may call it asinine, but your ass a ten.

Say it aloud to get the full effect. Works two ways, since it is in fact an asinine statement.

Thoughts? ;)
So there's this guy on Twitter selling video glasses. By selling, I mean spamming coaster-related Twitter. Among his spam tweets are his unauthorized POVs made with his product, and he encourages this particular use of his product. He went on Worlds of Fun's Twitter to boast that he's bringing them on Mamba, WoF says "nah", he doubles down.

He boasts that his product takes 12MP pictures. I click - images are not 12MP. I call him out, he calls me a nasty fanboy and blocks me.

Probably some of the best coaster-related entertainment I've experienced this off-season.
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