Existing Howl-O-Scream Monster Stomp on Ripper Row

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Apr 4, 2017
I saw this for the first time ever last weekend. I don't understand the name of the show with "Monster" in it. I really expected the peformers to be in monster costumes at some point but instead they were policemen and natives.

The opening and the closing acts "Rhythm is Gonna Get You" and "Thriller"are the best parts. Strong choreography with the entire cast moving together. The rest was ok. The acts that seems to be most popular with the crowd are the knife drumming and the skeletons (which is totally novelty and not really choreographically pleasing IMO).

The Queen/Ariana Grande mash up didn't flow well together IMO. It seems those songs were chosen for their lyrics, not because they blend together.

The vocalists and dancers all did an outstanding job. The lead male is from Britmania but I think the Queen song really showed his range ability better than anything in the summer show. The knife drummers are fools for doing that.

Its ridiculous they don't allow people in the back rows, as the side seating in that theatre is horrible because of the round configuration.
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Mar 25, 2011
They don't allow people in the back rows when not needed because they don't want to clean up those rows in between shows. Kind of lazy I think.
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