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Oct 25, 2014
The plush itself looks really good. The body and face shape is great, and i love the materials that were used, minky’s a great fabric for plushies and the glass eyes are nice. I was really impressed with the quality of them. The missing markings and the incorrect colors are a bit disappointing though. It’s a nice plush, i just wish it were on model!
Sep 29, 2009
BGW Family said:
Maybe COS will even transcribe it for y'all.
^ Done. You knew I would have anyway. ;-P

I'm kind of surprised they changed it. I know there were references to three defunct attractions, but it still surprises me. The dialogue is similar to the old, yet entirely new. It no longer mentions anything in the village aside from Toys O' The Leprechaun.

I guess they want the recording to last for a while. At any rate, I'm glad they preserved this icon while also making it fresh. It is a reimagining of the old shop after all.

[scroll down]

Welcome to the Toys O’ The Leprechaun. We’ve got all manner of fanciful things inside.

Look at you there on your hands and knees. Either way, we are glad to see ya. So enough! Up and away you go.

(Trollish laughter)

Well, aren’t you the cute one, now?

Don’t be afraid. Come a little closer. Me bark’s worse than me bite. Mwhahahaha

Quite a chip off the old block.

See that hole in me side? That’s a knothole. 

Ah! You’re such a sap!

Hey there! Watch your feet now! You’re stepping on me roots! 

It’s like no creature I’ve ever seen.  What do you suppose it is? ... or a leprechaun maybe?

Say now, what might your name be?

Welcome now to the Toys O’ The Leprechaun. 

Ah, we have visitors. What?! You’ve never heard of talking trees before? There’s plenty of magical things going on, don’t you know?
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