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Wavering faith will not serve you well
Sep 14, 2014
Putin Land is a fantastic idea!
Putin Land? There's no such place.

Excuse me, dear lady...

Mr. Gardens, I am a teacher of geography.

Oh, well, then you know all about it and what a terrible country it is. Nothing but desolate wastes and fierce beasts. And the poor little Putinites were so small and helpless, they would get gobbled up right and left. A Wangdoodle would eat ten of them for breakfast and think nothing of it. And so, I said, "Come and live with me in peace and safety, away from all the Wangdoodles, and Hornswogglers, and Snozzwangers, and rotten, Vermicious Knids."


The best digger in Cairo
Silver Donor
Jan 5, 2018
Oh Popov, how we all love to hate you, but appreciate all you have done for us.

I think if they sold large amounts of vodka, HoS would end up being an even bigger shit show.
Likes: scottyholiday
Dec 5, 2017
Not sure if this counts as a fully fledged idea but combining the idea of the new madrid coaster and my idea for an olympus themed retheme of festa italia. Firstly featuring a retheme of Apollos Chariots queue line to be a temple to Apollo, featuring a giant greco statue of said deity in the middle of the first queue building. Secondly, taking out roman rapids in exchange for a dark ride featuirng a journey into the realm of the gods and mythological creatures, to which I'll give a blow by blow of each ride scene below. third, a nightly show featuring fireworks as well as lighting, fire, and water effects outside of the dark ride building. This show features the gods and different popular myths. Perhaps a stage for plays to be done about the gods in a traditional method of storytelling,where the pink shading is. Lastly a bridge over to the new coaster in the orange shaded area.

Journey to Olympus

In the ruins of this ancient Greek temple you come face to face with the gods due to an enchanted item in your possesion, but beware many creatures want the item for their own desires, and are willing to take it by force. If they get their hands on the item they can gain godlike powers and destroy both realms. Can you keep them from gaining the item and can you get back home?

1)portal to Olympus: The item takes you to olympus, realm of the gods

2)Flying over Olympus: Hermes meets you and escorts you over the beautiful olympian countryside to mount olympus

3)Meeting the Gods/attack:Here you are brought before the gods and Hermes is tasked with guiding you safely home by venturing to the necropolis, however the creatures begin to attack and you must flee.

4)Escaping the Battle/Harpie attack: The battle begins as many creatures begin to strike out at you, especially a swarm of harpies clawing and screeching at you to obtain the item. You spiral away from Hermes into the darkness of the minotaurs maze

5)The Minotaur's Maze:You turn corner after corner trying to evade the vicious minotaur, eventually coming face to face with him as he throw an axe at you. You spin to reveal the axe buried in the wall behind you. Hermes catches up and flies you away in the nick of time.

6)Poseidons Realm:Hermes tells you the only safe place to reach the necropolis is through poseidons realm under the waves. You dive below reaching atlantis, as sea monsters and sirens begin to attack. Poseidon tries to hold them off by calling his most formidable beast...

7)Kraken Attack: the vicious kraken begins to attack as you weave and spin your way between its tentacles finally reaching a hydrothemric vent which you enter, entering the necropolis

8)Into Necropolis/Cerebrus: cerebrus greats you with a low growl, hades himself welcomes you to his domain, as floods of enemies begin to make their final assault.

9)Final Battle/ Victory: during the battle, the only way to save the two realms is to use the power of the item to vanquish the beasts, doing so right before the creatures win, earning you the respect and gratitude of the gods. Zeus allows to journey back home, vowing to watch over you for eternity.

10) Portal Home:Just as you came in, you are transported back home to the ruins.


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