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Mar 16, 2016
Zachary said:
I don't disagree with you warfelg—but I'm going to play devil's advocate here for a moment...

warfelg said:
And you are talking about a point of pride during celebrations.  I'm talking everyday.
The intention behind the redecoration was to make Banbury feel "loud" and "festive"—the concept was to have a village in perpetual celebration.

I believe this was a horrible mistake and completely misses what many people have loved about BGW for years—the understated charm and beauty of sleepy European villages tucked away in a dense Virginia forest—but, alas, what do I know—the experts thought it was boring and depressing. *sigh*
Yea I get that part. I think they could do that without the flags though. I feel as though they really are stuck between fun and exciting and traditional. I would explain more but I have a meeting to go into.
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Feb 12, 2011
There were a few individual Union Jacks flying off the sides of buildings, but the fleet of flags suspended over the walkway was thankfully absent!

I can't comment on the music as they were playing Irish music throughout the park for St. Patrick's Day yesterday.
Jun 6, 2013
The flags are a bit in your face, but i find the music more jarring of the two. Especially since it bleeds out of the hamlet. Also the bus could be replaced with an equally successful stand of different design, maybe an old style street vendor with a cart.
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