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Feb 12, 2011
I've heard it a few times this season and in 2017. It's totally up to the operator manning the control board to turn it on; most of the time, they simply forget to flip the switch.


Proudly Obsessed With Everything Howl-O-Scream
Jan 5, 2018
Coaster Dynamics has unofficial models of Apollo for sale on their site.

You got me so excited since I have owned the model train for years upon years and have waited for a model coaster to go on sale to put the train on but the model they have is those damn nanocoasters :(
Apr 29, 2011
Must be a slow news day at WTKR....

Ride comes to abrupt stop after Busch Gardens employee accidentally presses emergency stop button

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. – Riders on Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s popular roller coaster Apollo’s Chariot came to an abrupt stop over the weekend after an employee accidentally pressed the ride’s emergency stop button.

News 3 reached out to the park to find out more about the incident, which happened on Saturday night.

A representative from the park issued the following statement Tuesday:

On Saturday, July 14 shortly after 10pm an ambassador operating the Apollo’s Chariot rollercoaster inadvertently pressed the emergency stop button, causing the ride vehicle to come to a stop along a level part of the track. The ride resumed operation approximately 10 minutes later. All guests were brought back in to the ride station and safely exited the ride. The Busch Gardens team spoke with all guests, who were offered water and health services. The safety of our guests and ambassadors remains our top priority.

The spokesperson also added that a small group of guests told the Busch Gardens Health Services team that they were experiencing minor discomfort after the incident. Noting that the safety of the guests and employees is a “top priority,” the riders were offered medical assistance and left the park after safely exiting the ride.
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