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Team Instinct
Jan 12, 2012
Disney announced loads of stuff yesterday at their D23 event. Expect major changes at both Disneyland and WDW in the coming years leading up to WDW's 50th anniversary in 2021.

Magic Kingdom
- Tron Lightcycle Power Run makes its debut in Tomorrowland behind the speedway.
- new theater on Main Street

- Ellen is closing for a Guardians of the Galaxy E-ticket attraction
- Future World will be getting a full on renovation
- The France pavilion will be scoring Paris' Ratatouille dark ride
- Long overdue update to China's video
- Mission Space to get updated video with its current refurbishment along with a brand new table service restaurant attached to the attraction

Hollywood Studios
- Great Movie Ride to be replaced by a Mickey Mouse themed dark ride later this year. Get your rides in before it closes :(
- Star Wars Galaxy's Edge is the official name for Star Wars Land
- Fully immersive, all inclusive Star Wars Hotel will be opening.

- New hotel onsite - Riviera Resort
- Skyway makes a comeback as a mode of transport between some resorts and Epcot/Studios
- Minnie Vans Uber style service to be introduced

Disneyland Resort
- Marvel Land is announced for California Adventure
- Paradise Pier becomes Pixar Pier
- New Disneyland Forever-style fireworks show based on Pixar films

- Disneyland Paris will open a brand new Marvel Hotel
- A new 7th ship announced for Disney Cruise Line

Best of all, this will all be open and running by WDW's 50th in 2021.

Its only the second day and Disney has dropped bombshell after bombshell. Looks like Uni really kicked Disney into ultra high gear. Orlando is really becoming hotter and hotter in terms of new attractions in the next coming years.
Apr 29, 2011
ElsaManta said:
Why on earth would they get rid of Great Movie Ride?! Do we have an official closing date yet or is it just "later this year" still? :/
Last day is next month on August 13.
Feb 12, 2011
Most of these sound fantastic and long-needed, but FUCK. Removing the Great Movie Ride? The Great Movie Ride is one of the most iconic rides not only in Disney's repertoire, but among the industry as a whole. The outstanding sets, incredible storytelling, and fresh ride experience afforded by the live actors will be sorely missed. At least the Chinese Theater will be spared.


ParkFans Founder
Silver Donor
Jun 2, 2011
I am interested in learning more about this Marvel Land they are planning to build at DCA. They havn't given any details, but I think it is safe to assume that the re-dressed Tower of Terror/Gaurdians of the Galaxy ride will be integrated into a larger Marvel area in order to add Spider-man and The Avengers. It sounds like they will not be recycling the Iron Man ride from Hong Kong Disneyland. While I am almost positive that Disney's take on a Spider-man ride will be totally unique and incorporate Tom Holland, there is no doubt that the character's inclusion in DCA's Marvel Land is very much due to IoA's Spider-man ride being so successful and popular.

While I realize that WDW can not include any character's used in IOA, I think it is also interesting to observe that DCA's management is much more open to, and willing to create and add completely unique and new rides not found at any other DIS park, while the accountants that manage WDW mostly focus on recycling concepts from other parks (TRON, Soarin', Ratatouille, The Little Mermaid, etc) or redress existing attractions with IP.

One last observation I'd like to make is that I find it interesting that DCA us going for a third version of the Pier. They just completed an entire remodel and overhaul of the Pier a couple of years ago with all new themed dining, the Little Mermaid Ride, and other changes. Why is it getting a Pixar makeover now? Especially with other Pixar properties already having their own dedicated lands in the park today (Cars, A Bugs Life). I have to imagine that A Bugs Life will see itself removed in favor of expansion of one of these other new lands in the park. And will DCA's Wild Mouse get a third retheme to Pixar? Maybe a version of the Monster's Inc Door Coaster that has been rumored all these years? So very interesting indeed...
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ParkFans Founder
Silver Donor
Jun 2, 2011
That's reason enough that I've long thought a dedicated Star Wars park would be not only be successful, but necessary. It's not like Florida doesn't have the space for it, California maybe not. Additionally, there is enough different worlds, characters, and history in the Star Wars Universe to provide enough content for a whole park. But, that's neither here nor there, as this is the route Disney Parks has chosen to take. I'm still very much interested in learning what the parks plan to do with their Star Tours attractions.
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