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    Membership Program

    Still holding the original Platinum pass and the $18 EZPay charge just hit my card Oct 1. I was planning to cancel after visiting Howl-O-Scream and decide in the spring what level membership was the right fit. Suddenly it seems it would be crazy to cancel. I missed the perks and special...
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    News Free Beer at SeaWorld this Summer Hello, BGW?
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    Fantasmic 2.0 Premier

    Found this link posted on Reddit's r/themepark of the premier of Fantasmic 2.0 at Disneyland on Saturday.  Recording quality is very good.  I am halfway through watching for the first time and had to share.  Amazing use of projection and live action and so far it is looking very polished for a...
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    Project 2018: Battle for Eire (VR Attraction)

    RE: Project 2018: Virtual Reality Europe in the Air Replacement Wait until you see the comfort restraints... ;)
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    Don't Lose Your Keys on Coasters

    Maybe not fashionable, but I wear cargo shorts on most visits. I have a variety of colors and patterns with pockets that fasten. Feel free to point and laugh. Hahaha. XP
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    2017 Operating Calendar

    Thanks, Luke. The last email I received from the park was an apology after the batch of erroneous emails. I will try signing up for updates again on the Passmember site. 49 days until pass member preview day! :)
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    Project 2016: Skull Island: Reign of Kong (Project 340)

    Amazing shots Connor! This link has images showing marquee and entrance theming.
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    Kings Dominion Explained Video

    A nice video production outlining Kings Dominion's history and attractions: sPHSfbLGMyo GD18zFo1LEc
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    Mouse House CEO Search a Challenge

    I found this to be a fascinating read.  The blog doesn't mention it but George Lucas was offered the CEO position before Eisner.  Lucas declined and says he recommended Disney take a look at Michael Eisner for the job. While I am a fan of Mr. Lucas (and was fortunate to meet him twice) it is...
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    Project 2017: InvadR

    RE: Project 2017 The Washington Post has picked up on the Vikings in North America story this morning. Source is here?
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    Minor Park Changes: 2016

    Security presence seems enhanced this year. When entering through security with a plat pass I was asked for a photo ID. After parking in England there were two BGW security vehicles as well as a James City County police car. The unattended JCC car was there the next day as well. Probably a...
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    Brauhaus Craft Bier Room

    RE: Brauhaus Craft Bier Room Coming to Festhaus Kaffe in 2016 I visited on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  Both visits were around lunchtime.  Tuesday was a great day to chat with with other fans.  I met Matt from Busch Dominion.  He was at the park taking photos.  I really want to track...
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    Brauhaus Craft Bier Room

    RE: Brauhaus Craft Bier Room Coming to Festhaus Kaffe in 2016 I did not expect so much demand. I decided not to visit today after the parade in Norfolk. Thank you horseboy and Bgwtheoldcountry for the updates. Hopefully this is very successful for BGW and will grow. Imagine if they brew...
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    Brauhaus Craft Bier Room

    RE: Brauhaus Craft Bier Room Coming to Festhaus Kaffe in 2016 I worked across the street at the Alumni House for two years and never visited Green Leaf. How did I miss it? Guess I was at Paul's (this was the early 90s).
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    Project 2017: InvadR

    RE: Project 2017 Just, WOW. It was aligning so well with Tampa's Cobra's Curse and we know how Tampa and Williamsburg have a history of similar yet different rides... Hmm... WOW... Is anyone else envisioning a built from scratch hybrid?
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