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12/12/17 at 09:17pm in Forum Software Bug Reports (Latest Edit: 12/12/17 at 09:18pm by Zachary.)
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I'll check it out tomorrow on the newest stable Firefox build. If you ever have an issue with the login popup, this link will take you to the login page. I'll be adding a link to that in the footer soon so the finicky popup implementation isn't the only option.

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12/12/17 at 09:27pm in Forum Software Bug Reports
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Thanks, that works quiet well.

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03/27/18 at 02:56pm in Forum Software Bug Reports
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I wanted to let everyone know that we are aware that a few posts and "thanks" seem to have disappeared, during today's brief outage. We are looking into it.

So, no, you aren't crazy, you did post that...

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