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Project 2019: GCI Woodie?

04/15/18 at 11:04pm in Project 2019: GCI Woodie?
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Cedar Fair filed a trademark for the name Copperhead Strike and there is a ton of clearance going on at the old Thunder Road station inside the park.

Early rumors has this a possible GCI as it is a good fit for the park.

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04/16/18 at 09:03am in Project 2019: GCI Woodie?
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I think this would be a great addition for Carowinds. Their lineup is heavily dependent on their three great B&Ms (Vortex doesn't count), and I thought Thunder Road was still running pretty well when they announced their plans to tear it down. Initial speculation was that the entire area would be used for a water park expansion, which really bummed me out since Thunder Road left a void that Hurler doesn't really fill. I would love to see them add a really good GCI and then RMC Hurler a la Twisted Timbers (although not a carbon copy) for their next project after that. That would really bolster their pretty top heavy lineup.

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