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What do you think of the new trains?
They are smoother and cozier.
They are smoother.
They are more painful than the old ones.
They are cozier, but painful.
No difference.
I love the trains, but I don't like the color scheme.
I haven't ridden it, but I like the new color scheme.
I haven't ridden it, but I dislike the new color scheme.
Other (explain)
Note: This is a public poll, other users will be able to see what you voted for.

Poll: Thoughts on New Loch Ness Monster Trains

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I am curious about what our members think about the new trains on Loch Ness Monster. Even if you haven't ridden it yet, what do you think of the look of it?

This is an open poll. You can change your answer once you have ridden it if you haven't already.

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Thanks given by:  Lord Robert, jornor
Post: #2
As I explained earlier, I think the two trains are very different, so I can’t select any of the options for both.

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Thanks given by:  jornor
Post: #3
I have only ridden one train and it was smooth and boring. Not the Nessie I love.

I don't hate the look of the new trains. I like the taller headrests, I miss the orange.

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Thanks given by:  jornor

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