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02/06/18 at 10:21am in ACE - American Coaster Enthusiasts
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Last week, Behind the Thrills published an editorial on the motivations behind the renaming of Kings Dominion's 43 year old racing wooden roller coaster Rebel Yell to rACEr75. While the main topic of the article is how the name change was politically and racially motivated, they briefly discuss the founding of ACE and how Kings Dominion is seemingly taking credit for the founding of the organization when it was in fact founded 40 years ago after an event at Busch Gardens Williamsburg honoring the opening of the record breaking The Loch Ness Monster.

Behind the Thrills Wrote:And if you want to get technical (and enthusiasts are all about technical) the people who started ACE, Roy Brashears, Paul Greenwald, and Richard Munch, met at Kings Dominion during a promo event for the movie Rollercoaster. The promo was held on Rebel Yell in 1977.

The next year, in 1978 a roller coaster event was held at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. It was after THAT event that ACE was officially founded. So while it’s fair to say that Kings Dominion and Rebel Yell played part in the forming of ACE, it’s Busch Gardens who deserves the credit for the true origins.

I think their is additional evidence to support this when you look at ACE's unending love for all thing's Arrow Dynamics.

Despite what ever Kings Dominions motivations are for the renaming of Rebel Yell, lets all take a moment to celebrate the 40th year of American Coaster Enthusiasts and the coaster that started it all, The Loch Ness Mon... errr I mean rACEr75...

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02/07/18 at 05:40pm in ACE - American Coaster Enthusiasts
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I have been meaning to ask about that.

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