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What does your top 10 roller coaster list look like?

01/26/18 at 11:36pm in What does your top 10 roller coaster list look like? (Latest Edit: 01/26/18 at 11:37pm by RollyCoaster.)
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Seeing other people's opinion really does show that not everybody likes the same kind of ride, and for various reasons at that. With most of us living in Virginia, I wonder how much the coasters of Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens will effect our lists.

 If you're biased to a ride for sentimental reasons, that's okay! A short description as to why you love that ride would be awesome (Nessie may be your #1 since you grew up with it, or just because you love classic feel of an Arrow Dynamics roller coaster). I do ask that everybody respect every other person's opinion, as the last thing we need is an argument over a forum members personal opinion

 With all of that out of the way, here's mine:

10- Manta (Sea World Orlando)
9- Intimidator
7- Apollo's Chariot
7- Alpengeist (I can never decide between the 2)
6- Green Lantern (Great Adv)
lets just say I have a thing for stand ups. Crazy right?

5- Goliath (Six Flags Over Georgia)
4- Storm Runner
3- Boulder Dash
2- Nitro
1- Intimidator 305. This thing is every last bit of Insane compared to just about every other roller coaster in the world! My favorite part of the ride would have to be a back seat ride going down the drop - always leaves me speechless.

 Alright now, your turn! Can't wait to see the diversity in every persons list!

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01/27/18 at 12:25am in What does your top 10 roller coaster list look like? (Latest Edit: 01/27/18 at 11:29am by SLC Headache.)
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10. Apollo's Chariot - Edged out Nitro in my book due to better use of terrain and stronger ending. Nitro's ending just putters out in comparison.
9. Afterburn - Absolutely merciless pacing and the batwing inversion helps this beat Silver Bullet and Alpengeist.
8. Twisted Colossus - ah, the power of RMC. Would have been higher if I got more duels.
7. Storm Runner - an explosive launch, and the flying snake dive has an unreal pull too.
6. GhostRider - A marathon ride with a steady pacing thanks to the removal of the MCBR, and possibly SoCal's best wooden coaster.
5. Tatsu - the supreme flying coaster. Even the chain lift is amazing, as you pull out from under the terrain.
4. Phoenix - over seventy years old and still rides as good as new. Minimal restraints mean every airtime hill leaves you flying.
3. El Toro - the mega-woodie that has it all - insane airtime and a twister ending. Would have topped the list were it not for weaker pacing.
2. Fury 325 - light on its feet, every maneuver performed with superior finesse.
1. Intimidator 305 - Completely unmatched pacing and power.

Tempesto can be a flat, if you tip it over.

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01/27/18 at 11:10am in What does your top 10 roller coaster list look like? (Latest Edit: 01/28/18 at 12:53pm by netdvn.)
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10. Revenge of the Mummy - My definition of the perfect family coaster. Extremely well-themed, forceful, amazing queue line.
9. Superman Ride of Steel (SFA) - I really enjoyed this ride. Yeah the pacing in the middle is really lackluster but the airtime at the end is phenomenal enough to put it in my top 10. This may drop a few ranks once I ride more coasters but for now, its in my top 10.
8. Batwing - Probably the most intense flying coaster I've ever ridden. Basically the flying coaster of your standard Batman coaster
7. Fahrenheit - The line moves so slow on this ride but there's ejector air on literally every single element on the ride. Even the inversions.
6. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit - I know a lot of people don't like this ride because it has a rattle but this ride has the best airtime in all of Florida. Despite all the brake runs and the odd pacing, the fantastic ejector on every element makes up for it.
5. Storm Runner - Its short but it packs so much into that 30 second layout. Powerful launch, fun Immellmann, incredible flying snake dive. Probably one of the best inversions ever.
4. El Toro - Crazy airtime, crazy pacing. The legendary Rolling Thunder hill. The ending is a little weak but wow everything else about this ride is powerful.
3. Fury 325 - If it wasn't for the pointless helix halfway through the ride, this would rank higher. Really great air all over, a first drop that never ends, and some great speed make this a stellar coaster and the only reason to visit Carowinds.
2. Intimidator 305 - The most intense coaster I've ever ridden. From start to finish this thing is completely out of control with its insane laterals mixed in with pops of air.
1. Skyrush - People complain about how painful the restraints are but damn this thing is terrifying. Probably the only coaster I've ever ridden where I felt like the ride wanted to buck me off at every chance it got. Probably the only coaster that actually scared me and I rode in a safe row in the middle. I can only imagine how much more intense the ride would be if I rode on a wing seat.

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Mine looks like a Microsoft Word document (but it is actually in Google Docs). I have my favorite ten coasters and my best ten coasters typed out as numbered lists—each below header lines to differentiate the two sections. I then repeat the above for my favorite and best wooden coasters.

... Tongue

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01/27/18 at 12:34pm in What does your top 10 roller coaster list look like? (Latest Edit: 01/27/18 at 02:39pm by Thomas.)
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Ten rides I really enjoy in no particular order:

-Comet @ Hersheypark
-Maverick @ Cedar Point
-Alpengeist @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg
-Kumba @ Busch Gardens Tampa
-El Toro @ Six Flags Great Adventure
-Fury 325 @ Carowinds
-Beast @ Kings Island
-Storm Runner @ Hersheypark
-Mako @ Sea World Orlando
-Phoenix @ Knoebels

Honorable Mentions:

-Blue Streak @ Cedar Point
-Afterburn @Carowinds
-Talon @ Dorney Park
-InvadR @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg
-Skyrush (only in the middle; wing seats suck) @ Hersheypark
-Manta @ Sea World Orlando
-Hydra @ Dorney Park
-Montu @ Busch Gardens Tampa
-White Lightning @ Fun Spot Orlando
-Lightning Racers @ Hersheypark
-Every Schwarzkopf

Rides that suck:

-Hollywood Ricochet Ragnarok Rigamarole @ Universal Studios
-Intimidator 305 & Volcano @ Kings Dominion
-Mean Streak @ Cedar Point
-Superman @ Six Flags America
-Vortex @ Kings Island
-Kinda Ka & Top Thrill Dragshow
-Roman Rapids @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg
-All Togos
-All Stand ups
-All Vekoma Boomerangs and SLCs

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01/27/18 at 01:41pm in What does your top 10 roller coaster list look like? (Latest Edit: 01/27/18 at 01:50pm by Nicole.)
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I generally don’t mix wood and steel, so I have broken them out. Also, these are my “favorite” coasters, which I differentiate from “best.”

10. Steel Force (Dorney Park)
9. Firechaser Express (Dollywood)
8. i305 (Kings Dominion)
7. Dragon Challenge (Islands of Adventure)
6. Laff Trakk (Hersheypark)
5. Joker (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)
4. Mako (SeaWorld Orlando)
3. Apollo (BGW)
2. Nessie (BGW)
1. Fury 325 (Carowinds)

10. Gold Striker (California’s Great America)
9. Giant Dipper (Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk)
8. White Lightening (Fun Spot Orlando)
7. Wild One (SFA)
6. Lightening Rod (Dollywood)
5. The Beast (Kings Island)
3. Great White (Morey’s Piers)
2. Thunder Road (Carowinds)
1. Rebel Yell backwards (Kings Dominion)

Coasters that don’t fit in either category:
- Smokey Mountain Alpine Coaster
- High in the Sky Suess Trolley Train Ride

Also, most hated:
- Mantis (Cedar Point)
- Great American Scream Machine (Six Flags Over Georgia)
- El Toro (Six Flags Great Adventure)

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01/27/18 at 02:20pm in What does your top 10 roller coaster list look like? (Latest Edit: 01/27/18 at 05:20pm by Pretzel Kaiser.)
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I'm probably missing some parks that I've been to.

Favorite (in no order)
Laff Trak (Hersheypark)
Kumba (BGT)
Cobras's Curse (In all of our hearts and souls)
Black Diamond (Knoebles)
Verbolten (BGW)
Cheetah Hunt (BGT)
Mako (SWO)
Expedition Everest (DAK)
The Mummy (Uni)
Flight of Fear (KD)

Best (in no order)
Apollo (BGW)
Alpengeist (BGW)
Fury (Caro)
Pheonix (Knoebles)
White Lighting (FS)
Lightning Racer (Hersheypark)
Great Bear (Hersheypark)
Mako (SWO)
The Mummy (Uni)
Laff Trak(Hersheypark)

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Kingda Ka
El Toro
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01/28/18 at 12:04am in What does your top 10 roller coaster list look like? (Latest Edit: 01/28/18 at 12:20am by UncleDuncan.)
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I don't have a numbered list; these are just my favorite coasters:

Twisted Colossus
Storm Runner
Apollos Chariot
Space Mountain (Anaheim! The one in Orlando is a snooze fest)

Honorable Mentions:

Expedition Everest (if they'd only fix Disco Yeti)
Goliath (SFMM - it's showing it's age a bit)
Most anything wooden

Coasters I find overly hyped or I just don't care for:

Alpengeist (Way overhyped. In fact, it's average at best)
Skyrush (I want to love you, Skyrush. Why do you hurt me so bad?!?!?)
Manta (Above average but doesn't hold a candle to Tatsu)
RRR (Just terrible)
Most older Arrows (I'll take a Yawn please with a side of Back Pain)
Anything that makes me stand, or shoves a restraint near or around my taint (If you're into that kind of thing - I don't judge... but it's not for me)

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Might as well add: Flawed rides with most room for improvement (that doesn't involve just scrapping them and getting something better).

3. Superman: Ride of Steel. Put some Superman logo rings around the straightaway. Would enhance the sense of speed during a dead spot.
2. Verbolten. I've explained more elsewhere.
1. Great American Scream Machine. Can't go wrong with buzz bar restraints, unless the ride is just unbearably rough. But don't pull a Cedar Fair and stick the individual lap bars on.

Tempesto can be a flat, if you tip it over.

I dream of seeing Verbolten removed, chunks of its track lying in a scrap yard, where it will no longer bring misery to riders.
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I don't have the range of parks visited as others but here is my list.

10.Grizzly KD before it got to bad
9.Nessi BGW
8.Jokers Jinx sfa
7.Roar SFA
6.Dominator KD
5.Volcano KD
4.Verbolten BGW
3.Griffin BGW
2.Superman SFA
1.Apollo BGW

Honorable mention
Flight of fear
Rebel Yell

Worst ones
Mind earaser
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01/28/18 at 04:38pm in What does your top 10 roller coaster list look like? (Latest Edit: 01/28/18 at 04:39pm by MAZ.)
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Favorite coasters in no particular order....

Fury 325
Apollo's Chariot
The Beast
Space Mountain
Mystic Timbers
Expedition Everest

My favorite retired coasters....

Big Bad Wolf
Thunder Road
Drachen Fire
King Kobra

Honorable mentions....

Thunder Mountain
The Bat

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I suppose it wouldn't hurt to add my favorite rides, and rides I hate with a plethora of passion.

My "Favorite coasters" in no particular order:
Loch Ness Monster
Big Bad Wolf
Great Bear
Laff Trak
Mindbender (SFOG)
Swamp Fox (A pretty damn good coaster for what it is)
Flight Of Fear (KD)
Vortex (KI)
Greezed Lightnin (SFKK)
Grizzly (KD)

My least favorite in no particular order with reason:
Griffon (Le mans Unsure)
Hurler(KD) - Oh the scars I will have forever!
Runaway Mine Train (Great adv) - Roughest. Mine. Train. Ever.
Any 4D free spin - Flipping without notice = Hell
Mind Eraser VR - Between the disastrous graphics and the equally disastrous ride experience.. It's a no for me.

Least favorite flat ride:

Overrated award:
El Toro

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02/06/18 at 03:34am in What does your top 10 roller coaster list look like? (Latest Edit: 02/06/18 at 03:36am by Zachary.)
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I sat down and resolved that I wouldn't go to bed before forcing myself to make an up to date list of my favorite steel roller coasters. That means this is not a list of the objectively best coasters I've ever ridden and it's also not a list of the rides to which I have the greatest sentimental attachment. Furthermore, the elements I value most in a coaster do change—relatively regularly in fact.

Basically, this is a list of the ten coasters I have ridden that best meet my current personal coaster preferences.

  1. Skyrush (HersheyPark)
  2. Maverick (Cedar Point)
  3. Fury 325 (Carowinds)
  4. Joker (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)
  5. Phantom's Revenge (Kennywood)
  6. Goliath (Six Flags Over Georgia)
  7. Mako (SeaWorld Orlando)
  8. Stormrunner (HersheyPark)
  9. Nitro (Six Flags Great Adventure)
  10. Kumba (Busch Gardens Tampa)

Judging by the list above, clearly I'm placing a relatively high value in aggressive rides right now but, as I ride more and more coasters, I have found that to be more and more true.

I struggled a lot with my #1 and #2 slot as I honestly adore both Skyrush and Maverick. Ultimately I decided that I prefer Skyrush personally though accept that Maverick is the objectively better coaster (flawlessly designed through and through—and all of your friends and family can still walk after riding it which, when comparing it to Thighcrush, is a huge plus).

Fury 325 may actually be rated to high on the list above. I actually originally had it somewhere around #5 because it doesn't deliver the relentless chaos I found myself craving. Ultimately though, Fury's drop won out and I gave it the #3 spot.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom's Joker is one of the most underrated coasters in the country and anyone who thinks otherwise can fight me. It is very reminiscent of Maverick to me in that it feels like a damn near perfect layout given its size and footprint. I had this rated above Fury originally.

I've long been a B&M Hyper evangelist, but honestly I prefer Phantom's Revenge to any of the B&M Hypers I've ridden. The second drop is like no other and it is backed up by some great ejector hills towards the end of the coaster. Well deserving of my #5 spot in my opinion.

Six Flags Over Georgia's Goliath and SeaWorld Orlando's Mako—these are very difficult for me. They're radically different B&M Hypers but they both excel beautifully in their own ways. Ultimately Goliath gets the edge for me simply because it ends with a surprising bang unlike Mako which, in my opinion, sorta just fizzles out.

Stormrunner doesn't make many top tens lists and I have to say: I really don't understand why. I have had nothing but incredible rides on this thing. Between ejector air in the front and back of the train, an incredible launch, nearly unrivaled sense of speed throughout the course, and amazing elements that you literally can't actually find anywhere else, I'm a huge fan. Oh, and I last rode it with the hard restraints. Now that it has vests, Stormrunner could actually climb up my list a line or two...

Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure is my third favorite B&M Hyper (followed very closely by Apollo's Chariot). Great ride overall and it makes the list.

Rounding out the list at #10 we have Kumba. I know it has gotten a reputation for being overrated and rough, but it has never bothered me. I think it's a brilliant, incredibly forceful layout and, by far, the best inversion-focused coaster I've ever ridden.

Lastly, I want to mention some "best of the worst" steel coasters. These are coasters that I really enjoy despite the fact that they are not very good (and sometimes downright awful) coasters. These appear in no particular order.
  • Nighthawk at Carowinds. I love Vekoma Flying Dutchman's AND I'M PROUD.
  • FireChaser Express at Dollywood. The most infuriatingly lovable awful ride I've ever ridden.
  • Mystery Mine at Dollywood. Bizarrely bad in all the right ways.
  • Hydra the Revenge at Dorney Park. The cutest little B&M Floorless there ever was.
  • Wild Mouse at IdleWild. Ejector air, a banked lift hill, and car accident-style brakes on a mouse. Love it.
  • Ski Mountain Coaster at Ober Gatlinburg. Super sketchy, off-brand, alpine coaster at the Walmart of ski resorts.
  • Undertow at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk/Laff Trakk at HersheyPark. Best clone and best spinner.
  • Green Lantern at Six Flags Great Adventure. A ride so good that I could hardly walk for the rest of the day.
  • Mind Bender at Six Flags Over Georgia. If my spirit animal could be a steel roller coaster, it's this one.
In a lot of ways, the rides on my honorable mentions list are just as "great" to me personally as those in my top ten. Not because they are anywhere near as good of rides, but because they are interesting, unique experiences that have really stood out to me in my travels.

Anyway, that's that done. Maybe one day I'll do something similar for the wooden coasters I've ridden.

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