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Kings Dominion future grand vision

12/07/17 at 11:48am in Kings Dominion future grand vision
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Ok so I'm going to again tackle a few things here:

So I like Candy Apple Grove, and I'm torn between keeping the name and renaming it. I think ultimately I would leave the name the same, but some things need to move around to kit the theme I'm thinking of.

I'm thinking more of a classic american fair feeling, and the shuffle is more about re-arranging to fit the image.

Bad Apple slides over next to Delirium. Carousel goes where Bad Apple was as the "centerpiece" of the area. Wave swinger moves to Carousel's old location.

A new expansion area

So I want to start with the strange fact that Dominator is I guess supposed to be "eye candy" for the park entrance? But Dominator ended up in a place where it's kinda isolated because of Planet Snoopy, so the best I could come up with for Dominator is to expand the area some.

So I would more Berserker from it's current location to the space across from Dominator's lift hill and next to Wookstock Express.

I would leave the current Berserker space unused so you an see down into that space and it's a little more open.

In the current space between the pavilion in the parking lot and Dominator would go the station for Mack's hypercoaster, just a clone of the same one at Move Land Australia. Start it towards Dominators back half, the turn drop over the interlocking corckskrews, and turning to go over and around the main entrance.

Use the new coaster to "pen in" the expansion, with adding the moved Ricochet here too. A few other tame flats, food stands, and restrooms.

Soak City
Ok with another part I moved part of Soak City to expand around Rebel Yell. Now I'm rebuilding up Soak City. First the plan:

Ok so most of what's there stays.

The light grey - new path in the second entrance. The dark red is the second gate to the park.

The bold blue - a new, longer more relaxing lazy river.

You can see where I moved Freestylin (over current changing rooms), Baja Bends (next to big wave bay), and Tornado (by Tidal Wave Bay).

I also added a clone of colossal curl from Water Country USA. On the other side of the lazy river, a new water coaster.

I'm thinking of a "secret" second entrance over by Twisted Timbers turnaround that comes in at the backside of the Lazy River, which could be easier to use for what's next.

And last thing with Soak City:

A secret "hidden" lot. I'm not 100% sure how much land CF has back there, but an entrance to Soak City side of the park would be "unadvertised" by the park, but the road, lot, and entrance would be one of those "you can use it if you know" things. Just a place for people that want to maybe only use Soak City, or to get a smaller less congested lot.
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