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Christmas Town 2017

01/02/18 at 10:12pm in Christmas Town 2017
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(01/02/18 04:13pm)jornor Wrote:  Yesterday the park closed early at 8:30 instead of 10:00, I believe they said due to weather. The weather was fine besides the fact that it was extremely cold... pretty positive they did it because of how empty the park was, which sucks because we didn't get there until 6:00PM to enjoy the last 4 hours of Christmas Town

EDIT: After seeing the stuff that happened on NYE, maybe they needed to close early for damage control for the area that was ablaze the night before? Just my thoughts.

It probably was a mix of weather and crowd size. I was there the night before and very little was operating. All of the main rides Invad, Verboltan, Nach Tower, the sky ride were down. The train ran for a little while but went down do to temps. They were able to get one ruff show of Twas in but the dropping temps were making the ice to hard and they cancelled the second one. Even Harmony was running short shows that just lasted about 10 minutes do to the cold. As bummed as you were and as bummed as I would have been in your shoes I can't really blame them for throwing in the towel early.
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01/06/18 at 08:09pm in Christmas Town 2017
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Just stumbled upon this the other day and thought I'd share.  Taylor from Coaster Studios got some excellent shots of the park during Christmas Town both during the daytime and night time.  

YouTube Link
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