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Q1 Earning Results and 4 New 2018 Roller Coasters

05/05/17 at 06:13pm in Q1 Earning Results and 4 New 2018 Roller Coasters (Latest Edit: 05/05/17 at 06:57pm by RollyCoaster.)
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Quote:Matt Quimet:

Well we are laser focused on 2017, construction has already begun on multiple high impact tractions that will come online in 2018. As we look to build on Cedar Fair's history we'll adding to our collection of world class coasters including a completely new type of coaster, a dramatic transformation of two of our historical wooden coasters and a renewed relationship with a manufacturer who we have worked with recent history that will add another coaster and deepen our pool of ride manufacturers. It is this type of innovation that will allow us to continue to grow beyond our near term goals.

Check out the entire Q1 earnings call here:

Hurler, Mean Streak, and 2 other coasters? One that's never been done before, and a coaster from a manufacturer Cedar Fair hasn't worked with in awhile?

I think we could finally see a return of Intamin, or Cedar Fairs welcoming of Mack Rides (Last Mack Rides instalment by Cedar Fair was Coast Rider in 2013). A new coaster type? Huh, I am VERY intrigued!

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Insert Standard "We Need More Mack Rides" Post Here.

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something something B&M Flyer something something

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