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Trip Report 4/12/17

04/13/17 at 05:39pm in Trip Report 4/12/17 (Latest Edit: 08/06/17 at 07:55pm by RollyCoaster.)
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(Feel free skip to the "Actual trip" tab 4 paragraphs down if you're like me and just want to get to the goods)

 After hearing some pretty good things about Six Flags America so far for the 2017 season, I decided I would stop by the park for the first time in 2 years.

 Understand that the 2 years I hadn't been to the park wasn't because I don't like Six Flags America, but that Six Flags America doesn't like me.


 To sum my historical experiences at the park up, they weren't ever good. Every visit my group would always have a problem that should never, ever, happen at an amusement park; thus, we agreed that 2 years was an appropriate time period to recooperate our bad image of the park.

Actual trip:

 I decided to split from my group and leave early from Six Flags Great Adventure (Fantastic park btw) to make the 3 hour drive to a park of fond memories, Six Flags America. Having awful experiences in prior years, I decided I was ready to give the park another shot. Enjoy my unbiased, honest, and annoyingly long report of Six Flags America.


 I've always loved the entrance to this Six Flags park, it does look nice. The rest of the park was very clean, and stayed that way throughout my visit. What appeared to be recently planted shrubs, flowers, and trees, looked beatiful underneath the blue sky.


 For the most part, I had nothing but  semi-positive encounters with park staff. Majority of staff looked annoyingly bored, but managed to still show a smile now and then. I didn't have to deal with much service as I scanned my pass and walked in. I didn't have to worry about getting food; because, I simply don't have a desire to ever eat at this park again (I promised to not be bias but I wasn't risking another Toenail/fingernail hairband in my food incident).


 I didn't watch any shows, as I planned to stay no longer than 6 hours at the park. Six Flags America did seem to have a plentiful selection of shows, and from my understanding, most are really solid shows. Next time I go I'll be sure to check them out!


 Alright, this was ridiculas. Roars crew was doing a fantastic job, easily some of the fastest dispatches I've seen at an amusement park. The rest of the rides fell short, drastically. If anybody could help me out with how to add personal videos to a post, I would be glad to share one of many instances where the ride ops would just chat with one another. I blame this on the supervisors, though any ride op should know it doesn't take 11 minutes to dispatch a train.


 I would have ridden more if the dispatches weren't disastrous.

Roar ~ I absolutely love Roar, and that it still uses stock trains! I love the bumpy feel of the stock trains, though it's still a pretty damn smooth woodie with a fun layout! 8/10

Apocalypse ~ Having ridden Green Lantern the day before, I'm proud to announce that Apocalypse runs like shit compared to it. Ouch! 3/10

Jokers Jinx ~ Good ride. I do prefer FOF however. 7/10

Mind Eraser ~ I don't hate SLC's, but the thought of wearing VR goggles on it caused me to pass it.

Superman ~ Disagree with me if you want, but I never was the biggest fan of this ride. I've done the one at Darien Lake as well, and would say Darien Lakes runs worse than this one. I just find it to be boring 7/10

Batwing ~ Was and still is my #1 favorite coaster at Six Flags America. Such a smooth, forcefull, Vekoma. 9/10

Ragin Cajun ~ Didn't want to do it by myself. Don't have enough confidence to walk into a family ride line to just ride by myself lol. I've done something similar in the past, I hate spinning coasters.

Wild One ~ Fantatic classic! One of the oldest still operating, while still providing a ride experience families can enjoy together. The double up is a great element. 7/10

(Please, respect my opinions as I would y'alls. Just because I like one ride more than another doesn't mean your opinion is wrong. That's why they are called opinions.)

 I didn't get to ride any flats as I tried to leave the park before the DC traffic kicked in. I'm far more impressed with my visit this go round apposed to the abomination of a park I once hated, and I mean hated. All parks have areas that need some work, and I'm glad to have seen Six Flags doing what they can to improve guest experience.

 Sure SFA isn't Kings Dominion, Busch Gardens, or any other park relatively close to SFA, because SFA is it's own unique self. It's just different. I'd highly recommend anybody who's taken a similar strike against Six Flags America to open up to possibly revisit the place. A lot has changed!

Thanks for reading,


Curse of "and things only go downhill from here" DarKastle
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08/06/17 at 08:25pm in Trip Report 4/12/17
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I went back to the park for the first time since my trip report. I was originally doing just Six Flags Great Adventure, New England, and Lake Compounce, but decided to give Six Flags America another shot since I rushed my previous visit.

Shows: Okay, this is one thing the park is horrid at. I watched EFX 360, The Country show across Mind Eraser, and the western show (I will regard to it as All For One 2.0).

EFX 360 - I'm not giving away anything that takes place in this show due to it's uh... Pure interesting matter. It seemed to me like Six Flags Version of Blue Man Group, mixed with an Elementary Talent show. I would like to point out that if you do watch this show, prepare to do some interesting dancing, yourself...

Country Show - I assumed this would be a singing show but boy oh boy was I wrong. While eating a supprisingly good Lasso Burger, I watched a black woman, and a black transgender male dance to country music. Not only was the dancing fantastic, but so were the accents. I had to leave the show early to catch EFX 360's last show of the day (Huge mistake). Definitely a must watch for various reasons unrelated to Talent/show quality.

All For One 2.0 - This was the best show at the park I got to see. I was relatively shocked in that this was the only show at the park with relatively good acting. The fake guns, and fighting scenes we're really solid. The loosely thrown pop culture jokes made me laugh, and the well developed/thought out story line was something that differentiated itself from the other show offerings the park threw together.

Every now and a group of dancers walked around Mardi Gras that positively added to the sections apnosphere.

I thought Roar was a tad bit rougher than that of my previous trip, and I now like Jokers Jinx quite abit more than Flight Of Fear. Very smooth spaghetti bowl compared to both of the Flight Of Fear clones. Mind Eraser wasn't that bad, though still bad - Take that as it sounds.

I really did enjoy Wonder Womans long ride cycle, I definitely think it was a well deserving fit for the park. As I was there, a painter was working on a large Wonder Woman logo being placed on the concrete directly in front of the ride entrance.

I'll clean up the grammatical errors when I get to the hotel, these Highways in Connecticut are a force to be reckoned with (No I'm not texting while drivingTongue)

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