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International Street Fountain Show Coming in 2017

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I should point out that the park's headlining nighttime event, Snoopy's Starlight Spectacular, has been themed to Peanuts since 2011 without issue. (The Snoopy branding has actually been removed from Starlight Spectacular for the first time in 2017.)

Like John said, Peanuts are timeless and feel like more of a "family" entity than a "child" entity like Sesame Street or Nickelodeon. They're not just cute characters for the kids of today, but they're personalities that people have been growing up with for over half a century. To an extent, the Peanuts capture that same childlike "young-at-heart" nostalgia that Mickey Mouse and the other Disney characters inspire.

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Have they made any technical changes to the fountain?

(not that anyone asked, and certainly to take away anyone's fun but I am not a fan of Peanuts.  The comic has never resonated with me nor have the characters.  Frankly it has always felt dated and redundant to me.  (how many times can Lucy yank a football?)  That being said, for me Disney IP fails to inspire or anything else with me...)

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