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Carowinds 2017

08/19/17 at 10:19pm in Carowinds 2017
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09/30/17 at 06:53pm in Carowinds 2017
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I'm planning to go to Scarowinds with my cousins next month. I have never been before. Has anybody been there? Experiences?
10/01/17 at 01:14pm in Carowinds 2017
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(09/30/17 06:53pm)BGWScream Wrote:  I'm planning to go to Scarowinds with my cousins next month.  I have never been before.  Has anybody been there?  Experiences?
I went in 2012 and had an exceptional time. The actors were filled with energy and I felt the park was covered in scare zones and mazes leaving little areas of down time. Now the line up has most likely changed quite the bit and I have heard that the quality of props have increased I would go back, especially with night rides on Fury in the fog.

Where is Hummel Boy?
10/27/17 at 06:52pm in Carowinds 2017 (Latest Edit: 10/27/17 at 06:53pm by BGWScream.)
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I went to Scarowinds last Saturday for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. I came up with a co-worker and her family. I was hoping my cousins would go too but they couldn't make it. Scarowinds had a dark creepy atmosphere filled with scareactors and lots of fog. This was a scarier Halloween alternative to Howl-O-Scream.

We were able to 5 of the 6 houses. We didn't do Silver Scream Studios which we heard wasn't good. My favorite houses were Depths of Darkness (new), Slaughterhouse and Urgent Scare. All were well staffed and had some great scares. Depths of Darkness was based on a serial killer on the run. It was fun watching the killer hide in the que line while being pursued by the military.

Their were 6 scare zones. All were good and greatly decorated. My favorite ones were Fleet Street (London) and Blood Yard (junkyard). Their was a cool metal band playing as part of Blood Yard. I wish Howl-O-Scream had the same instead of Demon DJ.

As for the shows, we only caught the end of the Skeleton Crew.

We all had a great time despite being so tired. We left at the 1am closing and were pooped lol. We hope to be back next year.
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