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SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Cutting Hundreds of Jobs

12/08/16 at 04:20pm in SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Cutting Hundreds of Jobs (Latest Edit: 12/08/16 at 04:21pm by Luke.)
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(12/07/16 05:43pm)VACoasterFan Wrote:  
(12/06/16 06:34pm)Luke Wrote:  
(12/06/16 02:52pm)Nicole Wrote:  I'm really worried about Zoo...

Over 15 people gone...mostly animal ambassadors and zoo Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Any body have an estimate or educated guess how many people were employed in all animal care and ambassador positions before the layoff?

Just curious as how much an impact 15 people will have on the department as a whole based on previous staff numbers.

Thanks in advance for any and all input.
17 all of them. The animal ambassadors at BGW are no more.
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12/09/16 at 10:40am in SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Cutting Hundreds of Jobs (Latest Edit: 12/09/16 at 10:52am by BGW Family.)
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Rumors from inside, the actual number of company wide layoffs might be more than they announced. Possibly double more. Anyway to track this because that seems like a lot of bodies? I know we, the patrons, will suffer in quality and service from this move. But, I feel worse for the workers left behind picking up the pieces and having other people's jobs pile upon them.

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Two quick other notes on this BGW isn't always required to file a WARN notice in VA because most of their employees work under contract and/or seasonal employment and the employees know their start/hire date.

Also unless the park is laying off 50 or more and meets 33% of the full-time workforce then they would have to file one with a list of who is being laid off.

Second point for those who might not know, the State of VA closed the Virginia Employment Commission office in Wmbg about a year ago and no longer have a rapid deployment team for to handle layoffs. Closest are in Hampton or Hopewell. The VEC office in Wmbg would always take care of the tourism industry over the years.
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I am not sure of the current staffing program for the zoo department but back a few years most all were seasonal. The animals were basically rent an animal from a small zoo in the western part of the state. The Clydesdale's were often taken away to Merrimack NH in the off season too. The only thing remaining were some birds and a few monkeys.
12/10/16 at 04:19pm in SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Cutting Hundreds of Jobs (Latest Edit: 12/10/16 at 04:25pm by CastleOSullivan.)
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I wonder how Tampa plans to be "More aggressive with Howl-O-Scream" as Joel Manby said they would be. Entertainment has very few people left in Tampa. After the first layoffs, most remaining people in Entertainment left. Now (to my knowledge) they don't have an official creative director. They are probably reusing old plans.

For BGW, both the Zoological and Marketing department news is very sad. I thought that things were finally looking up for them but maybe they were just trying everything to stop the inevitable.

I remember in the 2014 layoffs, a showing of Miracles was canceled without a reason given. The entire cast was in tears, so I knew something was going on. Meanwhile I saw Facebook posts from friends in Tampa (employees) that were attending a Christmas/ team member appreciation meeting right before the news was broken. Whether or not the layoffs were necessary, the way of handling them was just heartless.

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This is insanity.... Never thought I'd see the day when Jambo Junction closed its doors....

And Joel Manby plans to become more aggressive with HOS? Competing with HHN is pretty hard when you have no official creative director

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