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12/03/16 at 09:09pm in Spamusement Park Project (Latest Edit: 12/03/16 at 11:34pm by Luke.)
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Beppu City (Oita Prefecture, Japan) boasts the world’s highest yield of hot spring water in hot springs which people use. A decision was made to realize a new vision for the city, the “amusement onsen city initiative,” and to spread the word widely throughout the nation and the world.

As the first stage of the implementation plan, the Spamusement Park Project (spa + amusement = spamusement) public announcement video has been created for viewing at the hot spring event, Onsen Academia, in Beppu City and to release on the worldwide web on the same day.

The concept of this video is an “amusement onsen city,” bringing together the natural hot springs and an amusement park to form this “spamusement park.” What makes the concept so special is this: if this YouTube video reaches one million views, a plan to develop an onsen amusement park will be carried out, making this viewer-count & public video linkage the first of its kind in the world.

YouTube Link

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12/04/16 at 04:40am in Spamusement Park Project
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i was thinkin spam-usement park, like the food or the junk email.
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12/05/16 at 02:09pm in Spamusement Park Project
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I feel like this image needs a sea monster.

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12/06/16 at 11:36am in Spamusement Park Project
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