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SeaWorld Makes 2017 Announcements

09/27/16 at 12:41am in SeaWorld Makes 2017 Announcements
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The take away I see from this is that they can no longer afford to build large scale roller coasters, which given their resent history rings true. (seaworld being the notable exception)

woo hoo, I see more simulators in out future.

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09/27/16 at 06:08am in SeaWorld Makes 2017 Announcements (Latest Edit: 09/27/16 at 01:48pm by Eric.)
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Quote:Kraken’s changes will be among $175 million worth of additions that SeaWorld Entertainment is announcing throughout its theme parks
it looks like if they wanted to they could build 3-4 big rollercoasters next year instead, and I mean, they are building two coasters, don't know if they would be considered big or not. Especially compared to SF's and CF's coaster line up currently this year.

Edit: yes, I know CF and SF are barely adding anything coaster wise, thats why invadr and the sea rescue rollercoasters might be considered big additions compared to other parks in 2017

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09/27/16 at 08:36am in SeaWorld Makes 2017 Announcements
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Six Flags and Cedar Fair are barely adding any coasters in 2017...

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09/29/16 at 10:00am in SeaWorld Makes 2017 Announcements
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Is argue that the large simulator/video Darkrides are more expensive than roller coasters.

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