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2016 Q1 Financial Results

05/06/16 at 08:09am in 2016 Q1 Financial Results
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The bad news: For the first quarter of 2016 the company lost $84 million, which works out to $1/share.

The good news: Attendance climbed to 3.3 million from 3.21 million in the quarter. I found this little piece of info in their quarterly report that I found interesting. "Attendance improved in the first quarter of 2016 primarily due to the impact of an earlier Easter holiday along with additional operating days for our Virginia park location, and was largely offset by an overall decline in attendance at our Florida park locations". This is good to find out.

Along with that revenue increased to $220.2 million from $214.6 million as attendance improved and people spent more on food and merchandise.
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05/06/16 at 08:54am in 2016 Q1 Financial Results
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Just in case people didn't know, this is the first year that BGW had a three week Spring Break. They did that because the local school systems had a really weird week off this year that was inconsistent with most school systems.

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05/06/16 at 11:06am in 2016 Q1 Financial Results
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I wonder if the park was profitable on those extra days. It's always cool to see a park's schedule expand.

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