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4/29/16 Trip Report

07/17/17 at 02:37pm in 4/29/16 Trip Report (Latest Edit: 07/18/17 at 09:42am by UncleDuncan.)
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Quick BBLz review:

There are some 7 or 8 BBLz to choose from, made from Pepsi soda products as a base and then topped with all kinds of fruity, sweet, and/or chocolaty confections. I had the ice cream sundae facsimile (I forget what it's called). The initial draw from the BBLz cup was all soda which slowly turned into a sugary vanilla and chocolate treat as I drank on. There was a piece of carmel on the straw which, y'know, is pretty badass even if I didn't like the drink. But I liked it anyway; it's good.

On one hand, the BBLz I tasted was nothing more than cola, chocolate syrup, and cake frosting (and ice)... However, if you like those things, then it's pretty good. Maybe not worth the seven dollars but good, nonetheless. It's also definitely a calorie/sugar bomb.

In the end, I can't complain too much. I also don't think BBLz is going to replace Sweet Frogs anytime soon. What I can complain about is the wait: I'd guestimate we stood in line for no less than 20 minutes and there were, at best, 10 people in front of us (does that sound about right, PK?). Once we were admitted from the waiting line to the BBLz creation service center (kind of like an even more shortbus'd Apple "Genius Bar") it was obvious the wait staff were either untrained or indifferent (possibly both). Watching our staff member help us was kind of painful - there's no way this process should be this slow. But she was nice so I guess I can justify waiting a half hour to get a seven dollar root beer float as long as the person giving it to me has a smile on their face.

But hey, whatever, my straw had a piece of carmel on it. So that's cool.

BBLz score of BBLz: 3 BBLz out of 5

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07/17/17 at 07:47pm in 4/29/16 Trip Report (Latest Edit: 07/17/17 at 07:51pm by Pretzel Kaiser.)
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A few final things of note...

The zoo is awesome. Although there are only animals native to North America, they have a very wide variety of animals. The highlights for me are the reptiles and birds of prey, which are in abundance at the zoo. Their Magpies told us "Hello" when we stopped by, which was certainly a surprising experience.

The Chocolate World tour is complete. The cars now have screens in them which provide a more interactive experience. Syncing between the cars and the tour is still a bit rough.

The awesome snake in the first post of this thread? Gone. This reduces the park rating by 1/2 BBLz.
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