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03/26/16 at 08:15am in Vekoma Fliers (Latest Edit: 03/26/16 at 09:25am by Zachary.)
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As of my trip to SFA yesterday, I have now tried all three Vekoma Flying Dutchmen in the US. Somewhere during the ride I came to the conclusion that it would be a pretty cool coaster, if they never flipped me over onto my stomach. For full disclosure, I am not a huge fan of fliers to begin with; I don't particularly love Manta either.

Anyway, I'm sure that conclusion sounds a bit insane: the entire point of a flier is to, well, fly. As I have mentioned before, I have a fear of ledges and falling, so well constructed seats and harnesses matter to me. My legs always feel as if they are going to slip out of the Vekoma restraints, so I spend most of the ride actively ensuring my ankles remain secured. As a result I can never enjoy the experience.

But that isn't why I would prefer to remain on my back. What I noticed yesterday was that Batwing seemed to spend more time facing up than Nighthawk, and I found the forces in that position more interesting. That was especially true in the verticle loop.

I'd assume that my fear of falling to my death from the flying position distracted me, so that I only noticed the forces when I was facing the sky, but other people with me came to similar conclusions. So, now I am left wondering, if Vekoma missed an opportunity. They only start riders on their backs, because that was the engineering solution they found for ultimately getting them in the flying position. But maybe they should have abandoned the initial goal entirely and created a coaster, which carries riders on their backs and backwards throughout the entire course?

Anyway, just one personal thoughts. Regardless, I did prefer a Batwing to the two others, which also surprised me.

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03/26/16 at 08:44pm in Vekoma Fliers
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Batwing is by far the best of the three Vekoma flyers. Well I've only ridden two of the three, but I believe it's the newest of the three.

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03/27/16 at 12:06am in Vekoma Fliers
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Flyers are just bad inverts.

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03/27/16 at 05:47pm in Vekoma Fliers
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Of the two Vekoma flyers I've ridden, Batwing is definitely the better of the two. Even if the park plopped it on the ugliest piece of land ever. The ride is just crazy intense. Nighthawk has the much better setting but its less intense.

Aside from the theming issues on Batwing the only real issue I had were the lead vests. Nighthawk feels much more open with their softer vests but Batwing likes to crush your chest at the end of the ride when you're lying on your back.

Also getting out of these things is a huge pain in the ass lol.

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