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Opening Day 2016

03/21/16 at 04:06pm in Opening Day 2016
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(03/21/16 08:28am)jornor Wrote:  
(03/21/16 02:00am)The Hessian Wrote:  
(03/20/16 09:16pm)jornor Wrote:  
(03/20/16 09:07pm)Eric Wrote:  I was kinda ok with the weather. The only bad part is when your going 70mph on a coaster in that weather and not veing able to feel your face afterwards or when people try to waste their quarters on trying to target the only person on pompeii(me) with the soakers. Smiling

I was too - my girlfriend wanted to leave around 4:45 or so however Frowning

Hahaha. Yeah, the Griffon was rough today. Felt like sheets of ice flying past your face.

Alpengeist was the worse for me there was one part where I was in tears to the point were I couldn't see

Didn't even try to face Alpie yesterday.

I rode every roller coaster in the park (including Grover Tongue), and rode first row on Alpengeist.

All I can say is that it felt just like skiing- sans snow and the warmth of a jacket
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