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09/01/17 at 11:23pm in Best Parks for Coasters (Latest Edit: 09/01/17 at 11:24pm by Joe.)
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(09/01/17 12:40am)Zachary Wrote:  Cedar Point (UPDATED)
In contrast to Carowinds, this is the best Cedar Fair park I've ever visited. Is this the holy grail of amusement parks? No. Is it a really good park? Yes. Highlights here are Maverick and Millennium Force. Only honorable mentions I have for this park are Blue Streak and GateKeeper. I have yet to ride Valravn, but I suspect it will get an honorable mention when I do. With Steel Vengeance added to their lineup in 2018 though, I think it's easy to say that this park will be gaining another highlight as well.

Valravn is definitely among Cedar Point's top coasters. It is more forceful than either Sheikra or Griffon, and its trains seem to maneuver the track more tightly. It also benefits from a slightly longer layout, and the zero-G role provides a deliciously bizarre feeling of controlled weightlessness that I've never experienced on another coaster. I rank it below Millenium Force but above Maverick and GateKeeper.

Quote:Kings Island (UPDATED)
Kings Island is in the same place as Kings Dominion in my book collection-wise. I wholeheartedly believe Kings Dominion to be the better park though. Kings Island has a solid collection, but not a great one. I don't actually have a single coaster here that I consider a highlight-worthy ride. I do however give honorable mentions go to Banshee, Beast, Bat, Diamondback, Flight of Fear, and Racer. I suspect that Mystic Timbers could be the first coaster at this park that I'd throw into the highlight category, but unfortunately I haven't gotten my ride on it yet.

Though I fell in love with The Beast, you're absolutely right- Mystic Timbers is far and away the best coaster at Kings Island. The rapid pacing, relentless ejector air, GCI glass smoothness, and surprisingly close interaction with the surrounding terrain made it one of my all-time favorite wooden coasters. It stands with The Beast as the only KI coaster I'd bother to write home about.

Since those were apparently the only coasters in your impressive review of parks you haven't experienced, I figured I'd give some perspective. Great job Zachary!

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09/02/17 at 09:55am in Best Parks for Coasters
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(09/01/17 10:32pm)SLC Headache Wrote:  Carowinds desperately needs a great wooden or launch coaster to round out the coaster lineup and join the elite.

Caro had a great woodie, but they decided to rip down Thunder Road to make space for a water slide. It was the only out and back I ever preferred to Rebel Yell.

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