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"Nightscape" belongs at Busch Gardens

08/16/15 at 06:18pm in "Nightscape" belongs at Busch Gardens (Latest Edit: 08/17/15 at 12:23pm by Nicole.)
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I actually disagree. Each Island is a very specific and immersive themed area. Everything in Seuss Landing, for example, looks like the drawings from Dr. Seuss's book, not just the individual rides.

I honestly think Universal does a better job in some places (especially Diagon Alley) than Disney.

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08/17/15 at 09:17am in "Nightscape" belongs at Busch Gardens
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I have only been to universal once and it was many years ago so things might have changed but like nicole stated dr.Suess's world was amazing. I loved seeing all the different comic book sets. It was great. But then im a comic book nerd Aww I think disney does well but some of their areas still feel like youre in a theme park.

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08/20/15 at 09:30pm in "Nightscape" belongs at Busch Gardens
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Universal has, in the past 5 years, taken huge strides in their Theme Park quality. Going from the guys who aren't disney, to the guys who may have just surpassed disney. The reason being, Universal manages to do what Busch is TRYING to do. manage to modernize and adapt while keeping it's regular customers happy. When they announced they we're removing the JAWS ride very last minute, fans were outraged. But I don't hear many complaining after they saw Diagon Alley. Busch tried to do this with Darkastle, with pretty good success. But then Verbolten did so-so. And then, there was LR... yikes! The problem is, Busch is trying to stand still while moving forward but the very unique and tied together theming prevents this. Universal's theming is ride the movies, so they can go from Point A, then skip points B-G and straight to H, and then back to point B very easily. Either all of busch needs to change or it needs to find that fine line and ride it (like they did with darkastle).

In case you guys we're wondering, that was me trying to segway back to Busch Gardens convo Tongue

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09/01/15 at 11:07pm in "Nightscape" belongs at Busch Gardens
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I am not a HP fan, (don't dislike it, the books and movies were fine), and the rides at IoI and Uni are, not my cup of tea. Granted my fat ass can not get on many of them, but they are really a dark ride place and I am not a fan of sims and most dark rides in general. Despite all of this, I still go because it is jaw dropping beautiful. BGW is not on the same planet, forget league with Uni when it comes to immersion.

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