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6/5/15 trp report

06/08/15 at 09:21am in 6/5/15 trp report
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I visited the park last Friday and here are my thoughts.
First a little background on the day. The weather was unseasonably chilly for June I actually needed a light jacket in the morning and there were a few passing showers. This caused the crowds to be rather light so I an guessing that this is not how the park is on a normal say.
Now onto the general feel for the park. I found the layout of the parking lot to be rather confusing with lots of unnecessary curves and islands that impeded the flow of traffic. I also found the same sort of problem with the park as a whole I was contently making wrong turns and getting lost once I was through the gates and kept having to look at my map even after having walked around for most of the day. As I was going through the gate I saw a sign proclaiming “America’s cleanest theme park but sadly this was not the cases as I saw litter several times. But I will also note that does not seem to be entirely the parks fault as I did see plenty of trash cans even if they were not as common place as say at KD. It also seemed like ever roaming park employee was carrying something to pickup litter the main problem seemed to be that guest did not seem to care if they used those trash cans or not. One last point to the grounds as a whole was that they could use more color both in painting the rides and buildings and in flowers and landscaping.
I found the staff to be about 50/50 either helpful and caring or cold and I don’t care attitudes.
Now onto the rides first let me say that I was actually somewhat surprised given what I had heard here in the quality of the rides.
Superman. I personally loved this coaster the airtime is just incredible and the Gs in the turns are pretty good too. My only issues with it is the car setup is not the most comfortable to sit in and with only being able to fit two riders in a row it must be a nightmare on busy days.
Batwing. I also loved this ride and will add that it was one of the main reasons for the visit to the park. I can’t think of a bad thing to say about it.
The Joker’s Jinx. It was ok but basically just an outside flight of fear. Not sure if I prefer that to inside and in the dark or not there are some pros and cons to each.
Apocalypse. I am going to go against the grain on this one I liked I thought the themeing was very well done and at least for me was a pretty smooth ride but average thrill.

Roar. Nice slightly above average woody but nothing great.

Wild One. Average woody ok but nothing to grand
Fireball. Flat boring and didn’t care for it.
Ragin Cajun. I liked but it left my feeling quite nauseous, It was the first time I ever worried that I might actually puke on a ride.
Mind Easer. Hated this ride. Here is why As I said before I am a bigger sized rider and the restraint fit loose on me very loose as a matter of fact. I spent the whole ride being thrown around in it and actually terrified that I might about to be thrown out. I never will ride it again.

Basically the park was ok at least on the day I went but nothing special would I go again maybe if I was in the area but would I either go out of my way or get a season pass no.
Thanks given by:  Nicole, MAZ, Jesy, TrevorBondi, Joe, netdvn

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