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New Festhaus Show

02/03/15 at 08:53pm in New Festhaus Show
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Entwined is out and Roll out the barrel is in ....
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02/03/15 at 08:56pm in New Festhaus Show
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Griffon, you sure do know how to create a great feeling of suspense and curiosity.
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02/03/15 at 08:59pm in New Festhaus Show (Latest Edit: 02/03/15 at 08:59pm by Luke.)
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Will we have a barrel of fun?
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02/03/15 at 09:02pm in New Festhaus Show
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Sounds like the original 'This Is Oktoberfest' replacement will get a chance.
02/03/15 at 09:03pm in New Festhaus Show (Latest Edit: 02/03/15 at 09:06pm by Jrbgwfan06.)
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My signature has been predicting this event for a long time now.
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02/03/15 at 09:12pm in New Festhaus Show
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oh good, the park is going to waste more money developing, producing, and staging a new show.

Scott G. fiddles while BGW burns.

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02/03/15 at 09:40pm in New Festhaus Show
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I was kinda expecting this. Tongue They wouldn't take out a classic show for the 40th and replace it with something that doesn't reflect on the past. It makes me wonder how much of the original ROTB will be in the show since it was in production before Entwined. Also, since Matthew clearly leaked this months in advance I might rethink my vote for the panel if I were you. Winking

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02/03/15 at 10:29pm in New Festhaus Show (Latest Edit: 02/04/15 at 10:51am by Joe.)
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(02/03/15 09:12pm)Zimmy Wrote:  oh good, the park is going to waste more money developing, producing, and staging a new show.

Scott G. fiddles while BGW burns.

As much as I agree that the park is not really in the place to develop a new show, I can *sorta* see the justification for this.

I think it is smart that the park is adding a new show while taking away two older ones. We all know that Entwined garnered poor guest satisfaction, and as much as I loved This Is Oktoberfest, it was really just a shell of its former self and felt like a place-holder that the park had reluctantly returned to the roster. After the initial cost of developing/producing a new show is done, having "Roll Out The Barrel" as the the only show in the Festhaus would be the equivalent of dropping one of the existing shows in the venue. So you get all the benefits of cutting a show (read: money saved).

However, this is much better from a marketing perspective. When people inevitably ask, "Why did you cancel Entwined?" or "Why did you get ride of This Is Oktoberfest?" the park will be able to turn around and say "We have retired our older shows in order to make way for our brand new show, Roll Out The Barrel!" Whereas, if one of the two shows were simply lopped off with no replacement, people would complain for exactly that reason. I guess it just looks better for the park? I dunno.

But after the 2015 season, assuming the new show sticks around for 2016 and beyond, it's economically no different than having simply cancelled one of the Festhaus shows. That is, at least, how I have this justified in my mind, but maybe I'm over-analyzing things.

My hope, however unlikely, is that some of the production/developing has already taken place, from back in 2011 before Roll Out The Barrel was scrapped at the last minute for Entwined. Maybe they'll be able to simply pull the show out of the filing cabinet, dust it off, and put it on with some of the work already having been done.

But who knows...

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02/03/15 at 10:45pm in New Festhaus Show
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Now the question is if Roll out the Barrel will carry in the same vein as This is Oktoberfest or if it will lean more toward being Entwined with the theme of Oktoberfest. Judging by what was said in the previous thread it's the latter.
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02/03/15 at 11:16pm in New Festhaus Show
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This makes me sorta feel better. For one the massive fairy tale stage will be gone in favor of something more traditional and if the show is like the one they originally planned then that "This is Oktoberfest" feeling should be there but with an update that it needed.
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02/05/15 at 11:18am in New Festhaus Show
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Does anybody remember "This is Oktoberfest!" as it was before its short retirement? The general opinion on that version was very negative. It is possible that they were just pulling an old trick to "prove" that the show got old. The other thing I heard is that it was changed in order to transition to "Roll Out The Barrel".

If that rumor had any truth to it, we could be doomed. Maybe the script was modified since then. We could have an instant replay of our expectations/reactions to "Scrooge No More!". I hope we see something to really bring "Gemütlichkeit" back into Das Festhaus.

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02/05/15 at 12:02pm in New Festhaus Show
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The description of this in the brochure was

"NEW FOR 2012 - ROLL OUT THE BARREL - 200 years of tradition is turned upside-down as Busch Gardens rolls out this all-new show in the world-famous Das Festhaus."

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02/05/15 at 12:06pm in New Festhaus Show
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Weren't there supposed to be Barrel Rollers in the original version of the show that were transferred over to the acrobatic nomes in Entwined V1? I wonder if they still plan on having barrel rollers?
02/09/15 at 03:36pm in New Festhaus Show
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"Roll Out the Barrel"

Busch Gardens is rolling out a new show this spring in honor of the park’s 40th anniversary."Roll Out the Barrel" follows a fictional German town as its residents celebrate their 40th annual town beer brewing festival. The show will debut March 27 and joins "London Rocks," "Celtic Fyre" and "Mix It Up!" as part of the gardens' theatrical lineup.

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02/09/15 at 03:38pm in New Festhaus Show
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I will say it again, Wunderbarn 2.0

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