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2015 Festhaus Park Project? (Update: No.)

06/04/14 at 10:17pm in 2015 Festhaus Park Project? (Update: No.) (Latest Edit: 06/04/14 at 10:33pm by Matthew.)
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Yea, that was originally what I thought, half of its attractions would be car themed, but anything to get Le Mans back, I wouldn't mind.
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Here are some other possibilities.
1. Spain (it's the only place that they could fit a new hamlet without getting dangerously close to LNM.)
2. New roller coaster utilizing Drachen Fire's old station
3. Renovating it into a fully themed hamlet (what I hope for tbh.

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A new high speed adventure ride for all ages, you thought Europe in the Air was a ripoff of Soarin? JUST YOU WAIT UNTIL THIS RIP OFF OF TEST TRACK! We completely botch your favorite rides proudly and add a special effect we can market as original and new, and proudly take your money!

All jokes aside, I could see a test track ride operating system ride,making a less dark and "Scary" verbolten-esque ride for littler kids and their grandparents to ride.

However if we see the return of the le manns style ride, The nostalgia factor would make me VERY happy.

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06/05/14 at 07:06am in 2015 Festhaus Park Project? (Update: No.) (Latest Edit: 06/05/14 at 07:06am by Joe.)
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In all seriousness, I'll bet it is something Howl-O-Scream related. What that really means, who knows.

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06/05/14 at 07:34am in 2015 Festhaus Park Project? (Update: No.) (Latest Edit: 06/05/14 at 07:41am by Pretzel Kaiser.)
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If this is true, and I might be wrong about this, I'm not sure engineering would be there for something HoS related.
06/05/14 at 09:54am in 2015 Festhaus Park Project? (Update: No.) (Latest Edit: 06/05/14 at 09:57am by CastleOSullivan.)
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They were involved with Masquerage, which never really came into full fruition because of them.
Edit: they could build a sound stage style warehouse like Tampa.

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Got to the bottom of it. Just simple erosion control- nothing more.

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Erosion Control Park has a nice ring to it.

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But this was supposed to be Spain.....SPAIN!

Y'all crack me up.
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They wouldn't need to control erosion if they weren't building Spain...

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06/05/14 at 08:27pm in 2015 Festhaus Park Project? (Update: No.) (Latest Edit: 06/05/14 at 08:28pm by kenwa.)
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So can thread be about erosion control? Is Festhouse Park higher than the surrounding woods? Riding the train it looks that way. How will they solve it? I hope more trees is the solution to the problem.
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(06/05/14 02:31pm)Zachary Wrote:  Got to the bottom of it. Just simple erosion control- nothing more.

Erosion Control. Busch Garden New Coaster. Coming 2020. Smiling

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Thread Closed.

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