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Project 2016: Mako

08/06/16 at 09:44am in Project 2016: Mako
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I wonder how many people actually messaged the park to find out if they were still going to post it on iTunes. I know I did.

All in all, I don't think it is SeaWorld's most memorable soundtrack, but its still very majestic. I guess you could say that the music "haunted" me in some way, because I kept "hearing" motifs from it it in my head for a while, until I finally realized what it was from. So while it may not seem memorable, it can still be quite "haunting".

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08/06/16 at 02:08pm in Project 2016: Mako
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It definitely doesn't have to gusto of the Apollo soundtrack. I am disappointed that they went with completely computer generated music and didn't record it with a live orchestra. I guess it would have been too expensive...

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08/20/16 at 12:05pm in Project 2016: Mako
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Mako was such a great ride. Got six rides in yesterday.

Sit towards the front and you get nice pops of air all over the place.
Sit towards the back and the air isn't as prominent, but it's a lot stronger in places, plus the trim doesn't hit as hard.

There's a serious trim on the coaster towards the middle. You can feel it slow the train down even though it doesn't really affect the air as much.

The second half of the ride is kinda weak compared to the first half. Just a few turns, dip and brakes.

I dunno how it ranks against Apollo. Apollo has the ejector going down the first drop and out of the brake run in the back row, plus the fun floater all over the place. Even if the ride is much weaker toward the front. The setting in the countryside is also a lot nicer on Apollo.

Mako is definitely better than all the other hypers I've ridden though.

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11/15/16 at 02:50pm in Project 2016: Mako (Latest Edit: 11/15/16 at 02:53pm by Unagi.)
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Just rode Mako for the first time. It was a lot better than I expected. Decent airtime and the valleys between each hill had a tighter radius than I thought and the trim brake didn't grab too hard.

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