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Late April SWO Trip Report

05/03/14 at 03:53pm in Late April SWO Trip Report
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Park number two of my trip was to Sea World Orlando. Once again, I’ll start with the rides and go from there. Overall, despite the fact


Turtle Trek- Not a ride perse, but I liked it. It was one of the few attractions that actually talked about the animals in detail and the tech behind the movie was cool.

Kraken- Another great B&M. I wish it wasn’t just on concrete, and I do prefer Kumba more, but still a great coaster.

Antarctica- A pretty disappointing ride. The ride system itself is cool, but it’s extremely short and the CG used was terrible by today’s standards. The actual penguin exhibit was great though.

Journey to Atlantis- I had high hopes for this one since I love dark rides. However, a lot of the major effects were off so you couldn’t follow the story. They also played Beetlejuice music for some reason. The ride part was cool, it was fun to finally experience a coaster/water ride hybrid.

Manta- The queue was amazing, but I didn’t love the ride. However, it’s really just because I’m not a big fan of flying coasters in general, so no love lost there.

Wild Arctic- I didn’t hate this as much as I thought I would. It’s still pretty jerky, but it’s nowhere near as bad as EitA and the internal theming that was synced to the ride was cool. Plus the animal exhibit area was pretty good looking.

Overall, the rides were decent and the animals helped them in my book, but nothing really worth writing home about.


Before going on my trip, I was told to see the shows because they were the strength of SWO. I did most of them and I was mostly disappointed by them.

Clyde and Seamore take Pirate Island- The Sea Lion show and the one I enjoyed the most. While the other shows relied on being artistic above everything, this family show just focused on fun (you know, “just have fun” and all). Not only was the pre-show entertainment (something that all shows need, really) fantastic, but it had funny jokes that adults would get as well, instead of thinly veiled dick jokes like Entwined has.

One Ocean- The Orca show that causes all the controversy. Now I’m all for animals in captivity, but this show didn’t mention a single word about the whales at all. It was just the whales doing jumps and splashing people to music for a good half an hour. They could have mentioned something...anything about them and I would have been a lot happier, but this show gives the Blackfish people ammo for their cause. While there is a valid argument that just seeing the animals alone is inspirational, this show should have some education in it.

Blue Horizons- A tad better than One Ocean, but not much. There was an educational part with pilot whales before the main dolphin part, where Sea World actually did tell guests about their rescue mission and whatnot. The actual dolphin part was a story about a girl, random Prince Charming, her Fairy God Parrot, and evil Sea Horses...oh and there are dolphins doing tricks at times. Not a single word about the dolphins, what they’re capable of, what their wild life is like… just more Entwined level “art”.

A’Lure- No animals, just mostly Chinese Acrobats in themed costumes that were pretty cool. It was a decent enough show. I did like the Evil Queen because her outfit was based off a Mantis Shrimp.

It’s at this point where I begin to wonder whether BGW’s recent flare for the flamboyant is less Scott and more corporate SEAS direction since I’ve seen this kind of stuff over three parks now, but Zachary as assured me it isn’t. Either way, the shows left me disappointed with the park since these were supposed to be what the park has to offer.


There’s really not much to write about there. The park’s main thing isn’t area themes, but there weren’t that many bad things about it. The rides and immediate areas were well enough themed.


Those who know me know that I’m a huge animal nerd, especially marine life so I was looking forward to the collection here. That being said, seeing what they had, it was a very average collection. They mostly had animals that most other aquariums had and very few rare animals. This was really bothersome to me because I know they have the resources to get some really cool and different animals. BGT had a great selection of animals, so there’s really no excuse for SWO. There was also the fact that you could only see some animals by watching a show or doing a tour. Some people do want to see the animals simply doing their own thing.

Overall, as an animal nerd, SWO felt too showy and not really educational and the rides weren’t really impressive. The whole experience left me rather underwhelmed.
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12/22/17 at 06:50pm in Late April SWO Trip Report
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Update (now that I'm home)

I actually enjoyed my visit earlier this month than this visit. I felt that this was because for the reasons I outline below.

Mako is amazing. Better than Apollo and easily the best ride in the park. It totally increased park's value proposition for me.

I didn't do any shows. Which meant more time to just do the park at my own pace.

I did the shark tour. I didn't learn anything, but it was cool to see the facilities.

One thing that made me sad is that Journey to Atlantis no longer has any story. Frowning
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