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Project 2015: Impulse

02/20/14 at 06:08pm in Project 2015: Impulse (Latest Edit: 02/27/15 at 05:07pm by Zachary.)
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Knoebles broke the news on twitter. They are putting in a steel coaster in 2015.

the Zierer coaster will have a vertical chain lift.
It's maxim height is 98 feet.

This article as the most organized collection of the information:

or you can read through the replies on twitter. http://
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02/20/14 at 06:12pm in Project 2015: Impulse (Latest Edit: 02/20/14 at 06:12pm by Connor.)
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Hopefully this zierer won't turn out to rough like the beginning of verbolten.

Where is Hummel Boy?
02/20/14 at 10:21pm in Project 2015: Impulse (Latest Edit: 02/20/14 at 10:22pm by Zachary.)
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Gerstlauer was already having a pretty bad last few months- they can't be happy to see what is basically a Eurofighter clone sold in the US.

Anyway, this is a big deal for Knoebels.

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01/13/15 at 03:38pm in Project 2015: Impulse
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Impulse will cost $3 in tickets, Twister, Flying Turns and Phoenix will also have their prices raised to $3 per ride. I can't really remember the prices for the other rides but it seems everything has had a price update for the 2015 season.
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02/27/15 at 03:21pm in Project 2015: Impulse
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The ride went vertical on February 3rd and it's almost complete. Those workers move fast!

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