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Trademark filed for "FURY"

02/13/14 at 02:22pm in Trademark filed for "FURY" (Latest Edit: 02/13/14 at 02:22pm by Evan.)
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According to Screamscape:

Quote:In an odd find, it seems Cedar Fair has filed for a trademark to use the name “FURY”. The odd thing is that it isn’t listed for direct use for a new ride, but a more generic use for merchandise. However… Cedar Fair has been using the name FURY for the past three years already, ever since they opened a highly promoted new Halloween Haunt house at Carowinds with the name. Perhaps they are preparing to expand the use of Fury beyond Carowinds and into more parks this fall… though I can’t think of a time when they ever trademarked the use of a Haunt name before either.

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02/13/14 at 02:31pm in Trademark filed for "FURY"
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Fury is a little messed up at Carowinds....... Though I would LOVE to see it replace outbreak.

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03/31/16 at 11:11pm in Trademark filed for "FURY"
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Well, funny how that played out

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