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Chicken Shack

01/19/14 at 09:34pm in Chicken Shack
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04/27/15 at 12:17am in Chicken Shack
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Tried out the Chicken Shack today. I had it last year and told myself that I would never return. I had a meal that tasted like a fried cardboard box doused with a shaker full of salt. But it's a new year right! I heard there were some new pickings here and I was interested in the pulled BBQ chicken sandwich in particular. On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 6.5 with a possible one extra point had it been a few minutes 'fresher'. The chicken was a little dry, but it had a good flavor. I decided to dump the supplied cole slaw on top of the sandwich and it became much more to my liking with the added moisture. The fries were hot and good, and I very much enjoyed the 'Heinz' branded ketchup on them. This restaurant has gone from 'no way' to 'I'd eat there again' for me. I'll be writing more of these on individual eateries throughout the year. Maybe I'll just start a thread with my daily eatery experiences since I visit so often. We'll see.

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04/27/15 at 05:55am in Chicken Shack
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I'd recommend both of the new chicken pizzas. Both the pesto and BBQ were were great, when we tried them.

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05/09/16 at 01:10pm in Chicken Shack (Latest Edit: 05/09/16 at 01:11pm by strycker.)
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I can't get over the portion-to-cost problem with the food. I realize we are a captive audience, but I bought a 5 pound bag of breaded chicken tenders for $10 (Tyson brand too!) just recently. They give you 3 tiny chicken tenders and a handful of fries and drink for $15.59 (-$1.59 for pass). Portion sizes widely varied too from the 3 meals purchased by our group. Some full length tenders, some 2" nubs that looked like broke off pieces. Wouldn't recommend it really, but at least it didn't give me heartburn or anything.

Only reason we ended up there is everyone was wanting Chik-Fil-A and forgot it was Sunday.. DOH!

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05/09/16 at 01:30pm in Chicken Shack
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The difference is that you can get a ticket for only about $35. With all the rides they have to keep running, the park is by no means considerably cheaper than BGW to run. At Busch you pay in admission and get only slightly inflated food prices. KD cut admissions prices to get people in the door then gouges food to make up the difference. Because KD has all those rides it functions better with larger crowds, so that's the business model they seem to be going with.

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