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04/09/15 at 11:23pm in Country Kitchen
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it is kind of like a cabana. Except with tasty BBQ

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04/10/15 at 10:06am in Country Kitchen
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If Zachary buys food for us, I'll go!
07/07/15 at 07:26am in Country Kitchen
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Country Kitchen mini-update - Sunday, July 5th.

After not eating at the Country Kitchen since the KD 40th anniversary day in May, I stopped back by there that evening for chow.

I did see Chef Paul in the serving line earlier in the day with the CK front line servers; I had dropped by to get an Ice Tea refill. I said hello and he remembered me from a long conversation we had on park food back during the 40th celebration day. Nice guy, very down-to-earth and he does not mind getting his hands dirty with the "grunts".

A couple of things have changed since I was there in May.

1) The old heated serving section for the meats has been replaced with a new counter top unit with a large see-through glass canopy with bright LED lighting. No more looking down into the "meat pits" to see what is there.

2) 1/2 rack rib dinners are now offered as part of the menu (my dinner).

3) I noticed that the green beans are back as a side item. I remembered Chef Paul wanting to do something with corn on the cob as well. But, I did not see that offered. Not sure if that is still a "work in progress" or he was not able to get around to offering the corn for this year.

The ribs were not bad. They were not "fall off the bone" tender. (But, BBQ experts sat that if the rib meat "falls off the bone", they are over-cooked). I took my plastic knife and cut through the meat between the bones. It was a little tough to cut through the meat. Course, I was using a plastic knife and I wondered if these ribs might still have had the membrane still attached to the bone side of the ribs. So, I was a little concerned at first the ribs would be on the dry side.

But, when I bit into the rib, the meat was moist and firm! I had the tomato based BBQ sauce with my ribs; but, you can get them with the mustard based BBQ sauce as well. I think the ribs were cooked in the smoker that the Country Kitchen has outside. I thought I saw the reddish "smoke ring" on the outer edge of the meat as I was biting into the rib.

When I talked to Chef Paul back in May, he was excited for the 2 BBQ weekends planned in August. The park even has a banner now advertising the event (on center walkway as you walk toward the Eiffel Tower).
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05/24/16 at 05:31am in Country Kitchen
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I received a KD Memorial Day Weekend event email yesterday. One of events stated that Chef Paul came up with a new BBQ spice rub and will be offering ribs this weekend at the Country Kitchen and the "BBQ Pit" outside the restaurant. It appears that the ribs are a limited time offering for this weekend only. I believe someone on this site mentioned that Chef Paul would be offering ribs for limited runs during this season.
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05/24/16 at 05:41am in Country Kitchen
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Yes. Chef Paul told Zachary and me that at the Delirium media event.

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07/20/17 at 01:20pm in Country Kitchen (Latest Edit: 07/20/17 at 01:21pm by Zachary.)
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Protip: Get the chicken tenders with a bunch of the tangy BBQ sauce that they use for the BBQ sandwich. They work really well together.

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