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First Trip to BGW

07/28/13 at 06:52am in First Trip to BGW
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First time I ever went to the park was when I was just under a month old. So I won't remember my first visit of course! But after visiting almost every other weekend, it became a second home to me where I'm whisked away into the worlds of Europe and adventure! I still have a magical feeling every time i go! My family has been going since its opening in 1975.
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05/12/15 at 04:23pm in First Trip to BGW
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(09/29/09 01:43pm)Zachary Wrote:  The first time I ever went to Busch was when I was 5 or 6 I guess. I went with my parents, my grandparents, and my younger brother. I don't remember much about it at all but I do remember one thing. At the time, I had never been on a coaster before, and had not even put any consideration into riding one that time. I remember walking across the bridge under Nessie (I didn't know what it was at the time), and then up the LONG flight of stairs. My mom convinced me that Nessie wasn't scary at all (I don't think I even knew it was a coaster). I should also say that it was dark by now. I remember walking under the entrance sign and hearing the clicking of the lift hill. The line was long that night so the line went down into the over-flow area where the cool scenery is. I remember looking into the tent, and seeing the sub. Eventually we got up into the station. (I believe that this is where my mom came clean about Nessie being a coaster.) I figured that I was there now, so I might-as-well ride (remember, I still had never though that I had seen Nessie, so I had no clue that it had any inversions). I remember entering the train, and then my mom pulled down the restraints for my, making sure they where tight. The crazy thing is, that I don't remember much of anything about the ride when I rode it that first time, except that right after the first loop, I yelled, "I love this ride!" I have loved coasters ever since.
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