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02/12/18 at 04:58pm in Concepts Think Tank
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Maybe $3k if you're looking at HoloLens. However there are dozens of other comparable glasses/headsets out there in the $350-600 range.

At the end of the day people are looking for experiences. Disney and others are leading the field in this, pulling attendance down at SEAS and other parks cumulatively.

VR is NOT an experience nor is it going to save SEAS nor will it bring in the attendance numbers an experience like Pandora or Wizarding World will. i'm not trying to compare apples to oranges, but the decision is futile in wasted money on build out, development and cultivation. Meanwhile shutting other rides down just to support this.

I'm not convinced when I look at this realistically vs. the way other parks and the markets are moving.
02/13/18 at 09:47am in Concepts Think Tank
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The $350-600 glasses aren't AR glasses, those are 3-D glasses. It's not true augmented reality, as it takes something on a screen and pops it down.

True pure augmented reality is still absurdly expensive. Being able to make something appear on nothing as of right now (aka lack of screen/projection) has be limited to text and simple pictures. And they still are somewhat transparent too and can't yet make something appear solid enough to seem real. The technology to do as you are asking is so so far away.

Yes, the two leading the field are Disney and Universal, who are so far above and beyond what any regional park can do.

Want to know why DK was so universally lauded? Because it was the only place outside of the huge Florida attractions to combine that type of ride vehicle, 3D projections, and physical sets. But that's an out dated technology right? No it's just not affordable enough for other parks to use yet.

I would say VR on a motion simulator IS an experience. There's still a lot of people out there who haven't experienced VR. And after a few VR coasters, I would argue I still haven't experienced a good use of VR in amusement parks. And there's nothing that will magically save SEAS like that. AR won't. A majority of the park going public are not enthusiasts like us. A family is not coming from Florida to Williamsburg just because of AR.

And no duh VR won't bring in the same numbers as Pandora and HP will. Both are completely immersive lands. Pandora is one of the largest grossing films of all time, and HP is the greatest generation transcending YA book/movie series now franchise ever. Nothing compares to that.

They shut down one ride that sounds like was in need of and update, and would be as expensive to update as a new ride. So now you have a choice that you can't have both ways. Shutter a ride and save that money in order to get something new, or invest in that ride and not get something new. So you can't have both because the cost doesn't support doing both.

There's plenty of other parks struggling out there. It's not something that's only hitting SEAS and no one else.
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