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06/09/17 at 02:29pm in Next coaster type (Latest Edit: 06/09/17 at 02:30pm by Shane.)
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Once you get to the 200 ft height it stops being a Chance GT-X and starts being a Chance Hyper Coaster. Again, not going to happen at BGW. Especially since the park already has Apollo. The two ride experiences are too similar and BGW doesn't duplicate ride experiences.

On your flyer rumor, there hasn't been any legitimate, reliable B&M Flyer rumor for BGW since Verbolten was announced. It's only silly fanboy talk. My understanding was that the park was seriously considering it for a BBW replacement before the In-Bev/Blackstone deal, but not since.

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07/25/17 at 09:20am in Next coaster type (Latest Edit: 07/25/17 at 09:21am by madmax.)
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Would an RMC woodie be viable? Or would that be too redundant with Hangtime (or whatever they call Iron Hurler) up the road
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07/25/17 at 12:28pm in Next coaster type (Latest Edit: 07/25/17 at 12:29pm by Merboy.)
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I would have thought since Busch has Invadr now we likely wouldn't see another woodie anytime soon. I could be wrong though, there's certainly no law against having multiple woodies. Just doesn't seem like BGW's M.O. though.

... *giggle* multiple woodies...

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