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02/23/15 at 11:27pm in Gwazi's Future
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(02/23/15 11:21pm)Evan Wrote:  I think the best bet is to remove wood one by one from the top. Pick and choose the durable wood, and recycle the wood in the park for various builds/ fixes.

As much as I would love to see this ride survive with a RMC conversion, it's one of those investments that will be high dollar. As B.Mac said above, RMC offered a lower price just so they could get their name and product out their and show everyone what they are capable of. Now that the prices are doubled, I just don't think it's feasible for the park. Besides, they'd still have a wooden support structure to upkeep.

If the park and SEAS wasn't in the troubles they're in, I'd say go for it.

Unfortunately, rumors sometimes have us on the edge of our seats. RMC would be cool though... Never ridden one before...

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03/16/15 at 06:26pm in Gwazi's Future
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(02/19/15 11:00pm)Nicole Wrote:  Roller coaster are like sculpture, in my opinion.  I would rather see it running, but it is still majestic as a structure.
This makes me think of Son Of Beast. RIP. I wish KI would had refurbished Son Of Beast with a steel track like SF did with Texas Giant rather than dismantle it. Wooden coasters are better sculpture to look at than steel to me.
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03/17/15 at 07:36am in Gwazi's Future
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Son of Beast needed to die. I liked it when it first opened but it went south really quick. It took up so much spae it was ridiculous. Yes i miss it being apart of the skyline , but i was very happy to see it come down. <------ Coasting For Kids 2015 at Kings Dominion

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