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Verbolten (Project Announcement Fall 2011 Through Opening Discussion August 2012) - Parkgoer - 09/17/11 12:59pm


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Old Threads:
Original 2012 rumors thread that started all the way back in 2009: Link (160 Pages)
2012 news thread that was started after news and plans started to leak: Link (80 Pages)

Name: Verbolten
Manufacturer: Zierer
Date Opened: May 18, 2012
Tallest Drop: 88 feet
Top Speed: 53 mph
Track Length: 2,835 feet
Max Banking: 87 Degrees
Ride Time: 3 Minutes 25 Seconds
Number of Launches: 2
Number of Trains: 5
Number of Cars per Train: 8
Number of Riders per Train: 16
Height Requirement: 48 inches
Official Fact Sheet
JCC Planning Commission Application

Logo with Tagline

Concept Art:

Videos:'s Announcement Video
Official Teaser Video
1st Official Construction Video
2nd Official Construction Video
3rd Official Construction Video
4th Official Construction Video

Leaked Documents:
[REDACTED] Leaked Theming Documents
[REDACTED] Full Coaster Plans Overview
[REDACTED] Hybrid Coaster Plans Overview
[REDACTED] Leaked Track Plans
[REDACTED] Leaked Drop Track Plans
[REDACTED] Leaked Bridge Plans
[REDACTED] Leaked Car & Train Plans
Tentative Build Schedule

Construction Updates:
July 14th
July 22nd
August 23rd
September 10th
September 23rd
October 5th
October 7th
October 9th
October 16th
October 21st
November 26th
December 9th
December 26th
December 29th

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RE: Verbolten - MIKEYT67 - 09/17/11 01:29pm

Is there any animated video?

RE: Verbolten - David - 09/17/11 01:31pm

Just a promo video. Poorly done might I add. I don't understand why they wouldn't make a on ride video.

RE: Verbolten - kingadam - 09/17/11 01:31pm

(09/17/11 01:29pm)MIKEYT67 Wrote:  Is there any animated video?
That is all they have for now. Guessing they are releasing info gradually.

RE: Verbolten - coasterFREAK - 09/17/11 01:31pm

so whats the color of verbolten. is it reb black and white? cause the cups are red

RE: Verbolten - kingadam - 09/17/11 01:35pm

(09/17/11 01:31pm)ktmdavid229 Wrote:  Just a promo video. Poorly done might I add. I don't understand why they wouldn't make a on ride video.

They aren't making a virtual on ride video yet because they don't want to give everything away on how the coaster is going to work. There are way more secrets with this coaster than there were with Griffon. The only reason they did a full video with the Griffon is that all it was was a typical coaster, no surprises or secrets. My thoughts are that the campaign for Verbolten is going to be like Mach Tower, but with a little more detail. From the video it seems like they are going to release a new thing every few weeks, each time a new "reason not to drive through the Black Forest."

RE: Verbolten - Joe - 09/17/11 01:40pm

here's a GREAT reason not to drive through black forest: the wolves!

a bunch of hungry wolves could chase after the car.

(I think we both know what ride this would be a reference to)

RE: Verbolten - kingadam - 09/17/11 01:41pm

^That would be AMAZING if they did that! They HAVE to have some reference to BBW somewhere in there.

RE: Verbolten - newsie - 09/17/11 01:42pm

Still, there is so much more they could have released. There has been absolutely no buildup whatsoever about this "announcement" other than the slight blurb that was released last year with Mach Tower. The leaked plans don't count since the general public is still completely dumbfounded.

The reason why parks announce major new attractions at the end of the summer is to entice people to make advance purchases of annual passes and multi-day tickets for the next season.

RE: Verbolten - kingadam - 09/17/11 01:51pm

For those of you who weren't there this morning (pretty sure that was just about no one here...)

RE: Verbolten - BGWfan - 09/17/11 02:47pm

I actually kind of like the stylized V in the logo.

RE: Verbolten - CarterGee - 09/17/11 03:00pm

Omg.....that was the worst promo I've ever seen.....

RE: Verbolten - ArrowWolf1984 - 09/17/11 03:48pm

Great, they actually went with "Verbolten". *sarcastic* And just from seeing that promotional video I can guess what kind of ride were dealing with here.

Sorry for being negative, but I now have little to no excitement for this ride. For those of you who are, I hope you enjoy it.

RE: Verbolten - ALMS7TH - 09/17/11 04:54pm

This announcement was really disappointing........... Now I doubt these "firsts" will even be that awesome.

RE: Verbolten - CarterGee - 09/17/11 05:04pm

I seem to remember calling that this ride would be named Verbolten.... BOOM! Point Carter