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Fright Fest 2017 - Nicole - 08/30/17 07:18am

I got a flier in the mail for SFA's 2017 Fright Fest.

We really enjoyed it last year, and I think it is worth trying.

It clearly has lower production values than BGW and KD, but the actors in many of the mazes were very enthusiastic.  By charging for access to the house, they avoid most conga lines, as well.


RE: Fright Fest 2017 - Pretzel Kaiser - 08/30/17 08:18am

I'm excited to try it this year.

RE: Fright Fest 2017 - Nicole - 08/30/17 09:58am

I look forward to getting your take, given that haunts are your bailiwick.

RE: Fright Fest 2017 - Shane - 08/30/17 01:03pm

Nicole, I love your method of redaction! It reminds me of some alleged plans that showed up on the forum recently...

RE: Fright Fest 2017 - Nicole - 08/30/17 02:24pm

The remote for the fan was handy and the right size, and I was in a hurry.

More importantly, admire my amazing, recycled glass counter tops!

RE: Fright Fest 2017 - luseendesi - 09/07/17 01:31pm

I just bought a season pass for 2018 during the flash sale. I'm interested in getting up to six flags to try out fright fest. Does anyone know how much extra it costs? I can't seem to find it on their webpage.

RE: Fright Fest 2017 - luseendesi - 09/07/17 01:48pm

Also are the houses open all day or after a certain time?

RE: Fright Fest 2017 - Nicole - 09/07/17 03:33pm

The houses opened at sundown last year. You annual pass should get you into the park, but you will need to by a house pass to go in the mazes. The prices aren't up yet, but there are special pass member tickets, I believe.

RE: Fright Fest 2017 - Nicole - 09/20/17 02:39pm

They have posted prices, but there seem to be some odd holes in their ticket structure:


RE: Fright Fest 2017 - Pretzel Kaiser - 09/20/17 02:59pm

There's no good value for a single day visit. You might as well spend the extra ten bucks for the express if you're into doing one day...

RE: Fright Fest 2017 - Peej1212 - 03/09/18 10:52am

Do they still allow the actors to ride the rides with you? there were a few zombies on some of the rides the year i went.