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Full Version: 500 ft launch coaster over the Rhine
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It would be pretty cool.
Only if it's a wingrider invert aquatrax woodie... with peach-scented trains.
I heard Bolliger & Mabillard only makes cucumber melon scented trains, but I agree it should be peach. I don't even like peach, its just "the way its supposed to be."
This is incredible. Best idea to the forum in years. I assume it's a wooden launched hyper coaster with a 250 ft tall loop themed to Entwined designed by Vekoma?
(06/04/15 10:31pm)Joe Wrote: [ -> ]...cucumber melon...

(06/04/15 11:41pm)Nicole Wrote: [ -> ]The Concepts Think Tank is for small or single-idea concepts that don't rate a full thread of their own.  If you have a complex, fully-fleshed out concept, feel free to create a new thread.

And I agree with Shane: this thread is for brainstorming.  Please do not feel the need to self-censor.

This seems neither complex, nor fully-fleshed out...

Also, there should be some sort of rule that if you weren't here for Cucumber-Melon you can't reference Cucumber-Melon... newbs
Seems more like a flat than a coaster to me.
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