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Full Version: Before Paramount
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Interesting set of videos here.

Kind of reminds me of what BGW used to be like(Even though I wasn't alive)
I stumbled across over 200 photos of Kings Dominion from 1975-2004 and I'm surely amazed on how much the park has changed in some bad ways. I might share sometime later on.
OMG, the slogan they used for Anaconda was "It Beats Everything." LMAO. When I read that, I just hear a monster truck commercial announcer voice.
Connor posted a video of old footage of BGW and I found this Kings Dominion footage from 1989 while browsing the uploader's other videos. The KD footage starts at 3:16 and continues to the end of the video.

YouTube Link
^Awesome find. Candy Apple Grove looked a lot better back then.
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