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Forum Announcement: Concept Board Rules
11/19/13 at 01:45pm in
Before you post in the concept thread please follow these guidelines:

Any concept must be fully fleshed out. The post must contain detailed descriptions of what your concept would look like, where it would go, how it would be themed and styled.

Do not start a new concept thread if you do not have a fully formed concept in your mind. We do not want posts like this:

"I would tear down _______ and build a Strata Coaster!"

If that is indeed your idea you must provide details about your new roller coaster including what you would call it, what type of layout it would have, the make and model, the type of themeing it would have, the color etc.

Please be as detailed as possible when creating a new concept. While this is not required, if you are able to make a diagram or provide other visual elements such as a drawing to help describe your concept, please do.

If you have just a basic idea but have not fleshed out the details you may post your idea in the Concepts Think Tank thread so that other members of the community may help you put together a more complete concept.

Lastly, the concept board is for serious concepts- don't post nonsense. Memes, jokes, and other unrelated references are not allowed.
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